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My husband really got into home brewing his own beer and I must say the beers he has made are pretty tasty. I have helped him brew a few times now and thought it would be really cool to share on the blog. So last time he brewed I sat with my computer so I could type up all the steps as he did them.  The latest brew was an IPA and Chris was excited because this had the shortest fermentation time so far.

How to Home Brew an IPA Beer

First things first, you need to sanitize all brewing equipment.  Chris uses Star San sanitizer.

Pour 1lb Caramel Malt 40L and 8oz Victory Grains into steeping sack.


Pour 5 gallons of of clean water into a stainless steel brew pot (if you have a smaller brew pot use 2.5 gallons of water). Very important to use stainless steel and not aluminum your taste buds will thank you later.

Heat water to 150-165 and place grain bag into brew pot and steep for 20 minutes.


Remove grain bag, letting it drip into pot (do not squeeze bag). Your water is now a wort.


Bring wort to a gentle boil and add in the Light Liquid Malt Extract and Golden Light Liquid Malt Extract . Continuously stir with stainless steel spoon until the wort returns to a boil.


Next you will be adding the hops. Chris likes to put his hops in steeping sacks so that they do not stick to the bottom and burn.


Once the wort has returned to a boil you start adding your hops as follows:

add in 1 oz. of Cascade Pellet Hops
and Boil for 30 minutes.

Then add in 2oz Columbus Pellet Hops

Boil for 30 Minutes

add in  1.5 oz. more Cascade Pellet Hops

Stop Boil

Let your wort Cool down to about 70. Chris uses an old washtub and surrounds the pot with ice.


Once cooled dump the wort into a bottling bucket with a spout. Then transfer it into your sanitized carboy.

Sanitize your yeast packet. Then pitch your yeast and put in the airlock and bung. Put sanitizer in the airlock. (Again, make sure you sanitize everything before you use it.)


You should see fermentation start happening within a few hours. Let the IPA ferment for 1 week.

Then bottle or keg!

Chris only kegs… to keg he siphons the beer from the carboy into a 5 gallon corny keg, then he hooks up the Co2 line. 24 hours later its ready to enjoy, if you wait 3-5 more days the beer gets much clearer and get more carbonated like a draft beer you would get at a bar. Enjoy your home brew IPA!


Soon I will post about how he turned a freezer into a “Keezer”  to store his kegs in.  Please check out my Amazon store where I have listed gathered all your home brewing needs that we use and recommend.


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