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It is official, we have moved into our new home in Woodstock, GA. Boy was it an experience… we knew that having 2 closing in one day, moving our stuff all while taking care of our 3 month old was going to be a busy day but we did not foresee that closing on our new home was going to take 5 hours! We were so mad at our mortgage  company….blog post titles were racing through my head… Why [the mortgage company] made me cry on closing day… Why [mortgage company X] stinks… Don’t Get Your Home Loan with [mortgage company X].

But I decided that I would not do Bashing Reviews on my blog so instead I am going to do a series of post all about moving… Tips and Lessons learned. So lets start at the beginning, Looking for a New Home.

Work with a Realtor
I highly suggest working with a Realtor. Do your research and find someone who you mesh well with. If you are in the Atlanta area our Realtor is wonderful… Allyson Keating with Harry Norman Realtors I cannot say enough nice things about her.  She talked us through all steps of the process from even deciding what area we wanted to live in.  It is common practice that the selling and buying realtors split 6% of the sell or if there is just a selling realtor they usually get the entire 6% so it won’t really cost you anything to work with a Realtor when buying a home.

Needs & Wants
Decided on what you need and want in a home. Chris and I had specific things we were looking for:
We needed a decent size, fenced in back yard for our dog but less upkeep then we currently had. That meant we didn’t want many trees because we were tried of all the leaves…. okay Chris was tired of the leaves since he did most of the yard work.
We wanted 3-4 bedrooms. We knew we still wanted to be in the metro- Atlanta area but on the side located closer to our home town.
We wanted to be in a good school district.
I wanted to be in a Community with a Pool and Playground.

Narrow Down Your Area
Pick 1-2 areas: There were several areas that would have worked for us so we went exploring and narrowed our home search down to 2 areas that we wanted to look at homes in. This is especially important if you must sell your home first, because lets face it you may fall in love with a house that’s not available when you sell. If you know what area you want to be in you can quickly look at other homes when it is time to buy.

Budget and Get Pre-Approved
Decide on a Budget and get Pre-Approved for a Loan. Many Realtors want to see your pre-approval letter before showing you homes, but speak with your realtor before choosing a mortgage company. He or she will have insight on who to use to make your closing day go smoothly (we learned this the hard way). I will talk more about budgeting and mortgages in my next post.

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