How to Get a Free Breast Pump Through Insurance


Free Breast Pump

Expecting a baby, especially your first, can be overwhelming when you start thinking about all the baby items you need. Many of these items such as carseats, strollers, cribs, baby monitors can be quite pricey. While breastfeeding not only has many great health benefits it saves on having to purchase formula, but breast pumps are expensive and if you plan on going back to work or pumping so dad can feed, you will need a breast pump. Great News! Thanks to the Affordable Care Act many insurance companies provide new moms with breast-feeding support and equipment without cost-share. This means you can get a personal electronic breast pump provided by your insurance at no cost to you. No matter your political opinions on the Affordable Care Act, I think this is something all expectant moms who plan on breast feeding should take advantage of.


So what do you need to do to get your insurance provided breast pump?


All insurance policies are different so check with your insurance company for the steps you need to take. I have United Health Care and a quick call to them got us moving the right direction. UHC provided us with 3 medical supply companies they work with; Byram Healthcare, Edge Park,and  Genadyne. Each company had a couple different brand options. I picked Byram Healthcare because UHC covers a Medela Breast Pump through them. I chose Medela because it had awesome reviews and I can purchase accessories at Target, Buy Buy Baby, or Babies R Us. The order could not be placed until 30 days from my due date, but it only takes 7-10 to get a pump through Bryam Healthcare. It was super easy to order through their online order form.

Like I said you need to check your policy for the correct steps to take in ordering your breast pump and the brand you can get depends on your provided but from my research most tend to offer a few great options to choose from. I had no problems getting my Medela pump but I have read that the Medela Pumps are sometimes hard to get because they are so popular they get put on backorder so if that is the one you are after be sure to order as soon as you can.

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