How to Make a Burlap Wreath with a Pool Noodle



This post is about how I made a burlap wreath base from a pool noodle but if you do not have one lying around you can get a foam wreath circle at the dollar. Tomorrow I show how I use this base to make wreaths for all Holidays and Seasons!


Pool Noodle (from the dollar Tree) | Duck Tape | 1 yard of Burlap or a Roll of Burlap Ribbon | Accent Ribbon | 75-100 Floral Pins | 6 Floral Sticks with Wire

How to Make a Burlap Wreath Steps:

1. Form pool noodle into a circle of desired wreath size. Use a knife to cut through the overlapping ends at an angle so that they will match up.

2. Tape the ends together with Duct tape.

3. Use a strip of burlap to wrap around the noodle and secure with floral pins. This will give it a nice finished look when you are done.

4. Cut burlap into squares and start making burlap bubbles. (see video below)


5. Use Floral pins to stick on the bubbles and repeat until your wreath is covered.

6. Cut a strip of accent ribbon long enough to fit around the wreath. Leave about 6 inches loose and gather with the wire of a floral stick and insert onto wreath. then repeat about every 6 inches until the ends meet. Overlap the ends and gather with the floral wire stick.

Now you have Burlap Wreath Base and you can use different bows and accents to change it up for different seasons. In my next post I will show you I made 5 different wreaths with one base.



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