How to Make a Last Minute Cow Costume for Free Chick-fil-a


Cow Appreciation DayDid someone say Free Chick-fil-a?!Yes Today is Cow Appreciation Day, if you dress like a cow and go to Chick-fil-a you get a free meal! I whipped up Ali’s Cow Costume this morning with things had laying around the house.

Last Minute Cow Costume

Ali- Cow Costume


-White Onesie

-Black Marker

-Stretchy Elastic or something to make a headband with the ears

-White card stock or printer paper

-Glue or tape



-hole punch

Ali- Cow Costume-2

Step 1: Place a sheet of card stock inside the onesie so the maker would not bleed through. Start coloring irregular spots on the onesie. It helps is you stretch out the area you are coloring. Ali- Cow Costume-3

Step 2: Visit to get some free cow costume print outs. I got ears, a bow and the sign. Since they were for Ali I scaled them down in the printer options to about 70%. Ali- Cow Costume-4

Step 3: Cut out your pieces, glue the ears to your elastic or headband (be sure to cut a piece of elastic long enough to fit your child’s head). Punch holes in the signs and attach them with 2 pieces of sting.

Here is Ali Enjoying her Chick-fil-a breakfest in her costume.

Ali-Cow Ali- Cow Costume-9 Ali- Cow Costume-8 Ali- Cow Costume-7 ali-cow-2Yes Chris and myself get in on the Cow costume action too! That is not Chris in the picture 🙂

Other quick Cow Costume Ideas:

My shirt was painted, I made it last year and just used it again. The cow hat we picked up a few years ago.

We have also cut out spots from black paper and tapped them to us in the past.

This year Chris cut wholes in a white t-shirt and wore a black shirt under it.


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