Sun-Dried Tomato Stuffed Chicken


How to Make Sun-Dried Tomato Stuffed Chicken

I wish I loved cooking more than I do… I just never know what to make and often doubt my cooking skills, so I get really excited when I cook up a hit. Recently we had company, and I was nervous cooking for a guest but I gave it my best shot… critics said YUM!

I made chicken stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes and mozzarella cheese and breaded in Italian Bread Crumbs.
I didn’t need to measure anything, I just eyeballed everything.  The hardest part was butterflying the chicken but I did this before my chicken was completely thawed and I find it a little easier to handle.

I baked it a 350 for about 25 minutes.
I added zucchini and yellow squash, cooked in a frying pan with Extra Virgin Olive Oil , Salt and Pepper,  and garlic bread as sides.

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