How to Sew Minky Baby Blankets


Minky Baby Blanket

When I discovered minky fabric I fell in love…. with my baby girl on the way she just had to have blankets made out of this soft fabric. When I started reading how to work with minky fabric I felt a little intimidated because several blogs said people tend to steer clear of minky because it can be difficult to work with. I didn’t really find it all that difficult… yes it is stretchy and yes the edges shed everywhere when you are cutting it but I was happy with how my blankets turned out. Once the blankets where finished I have had no problem with shedding.


Where to buy Minky Fabric?

I have seen minky fabric in Hobby Lobby and Jo Annes but I order my my minky fabric from . The quality is great and they have a huge selection of colors, minky dot and patterns. I had decided on some kind of storybook/ reading theme for my baby’s nursery so when I saw this nursery rhyme in toil I had to have it, along with the coordinating colors I picked out for the nursery. It is a regular deal to get FREE SHIPPING on orders $35+ from and I have never had to return something but from what I read online they are pretty good about returns.


How to Sew a 2 sided Minky Baby Blanket?

Preping your fabric:

  • Minky doesn’t shrink so pre-washing is not necessary.
  • Minky does get fuzz everywhere when you are cutting it and sewing it so I tumble it in the dryer once I cut to help cut down on the fuzz before I started sewing. (you will need to clean out your machine when you are done)
  • Pay attention to the Nap of the fabric. Fabric with nap is any kind of fabric that has pile and will look different shades if the nap is brushed in a different angle such as velvet. This really applies to minky prints.  I like to have my nap brushed down on both sides so just take this into account before cutting so you get the nap in the direction you want.
  • Measure  and cut your fabric, leaving a good seam allowance because minky will curl. There are no rules to the size of your baby blanket but some common sizes are 45×60, 45×45, or even 30×30 .

Ready to Sew:

  • Once you have your 2 pieces of fabric cut lay them with the rights together (wrong sides facing outward)
  • Pin, Pin, Pin. Pin your edges together placing a pin about every 1.5 inches to ensure that the minky stays in place.Minky Fabric
  • You are ready to Sew! I just used my regular foot but some recommend a walking foot since 2 pieces of minky can be kind of thick. I do not have a walking foot or I would have used one.
  • Start sewing a few inches from a corner, once you get to a corner stop, put the needle down and rotate the fabric to sew up the other side.DIY-Minky-Blanket-003
  • BE SURE you stop a few inches from where you started leaving an opening.
  • Snip the corners.
  • Turn your blanket to the right side by pulling it trough the opening you left.  Be sure to run your fingers in the corners and along the edges making sure you got it all turned out.
  • Fold in the edges of your opening so that it lines up with the rest of the blanket and pin it. Sew it closed very close to the edge.DIY-Minky-Blanket-008
  • Then sew a top stick all the way around about an inch in.
  • NOTE: If you are sewing two different colors of fabric and you do not want your thread to stand out you can place mathcing thread for the fabric on the bottom in your bobbin and your other matching thread for the fabric on top on your spindle.
    Yay all done! Be sure to wash your baby blanket in baby safe detergent and enjoy!

Fabrics I used:

Minky Cuddle Dimple Dot Coral

Minky Cuddle Dimple Dot Opal

Minky Cuddle Classic Toile White/Charcoal



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