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My Ruffler Foot is one if my favorite sewing tools I have, although it can be tricky at times. I broke 2 needles when I first started using one, but I eventually got it figured out.

Buying a Ruffler Attachment:

Before buying a ruffler attachment you must check to see if your machine is low shank or slanted shank.  I have many types of creative outlets so I did not want to spend the money for a ruffler foot specific for my Singer sewing machine, however I do think it would be less finicky if I had. You can purchase a Singer Ruffler Foot for about $60. I purchased a generic foot by Creative Solutions from Hancock Fabric for about $20 with a coupon (but it looks identical to the $8 one ruffler foot here).

Settings on the Ruffler Foot:


You can change how tight and how deep your ruffles are. The numbered notches on top indicate how many stitches between each ruffle. You can set it to 1, 6, or 12 stitches between ruffles. The star or 0 indicates no ruffle and it will be a straight stitch.  You can also adjust your ruffles by changing the stitch length on your machine: the shorter your stitch the tighter and fuller your ruffles. The knob on the side adjust how deep each ruffle is, 8 being the deepest. Keep in mind if you use a setting of one stitch per ruffle you will need a lot more fabric. Below is an example I did displaying what the different setting look like.

Setting on a Ruffler Foot Example

Attaching the Ruffler Foot:

*BEFORE you attach your foot make sure you have a full bobbin in your desired color. Trust me you do not want to stop mid ruffle, remove your foot and replace your bobbin.

First loosen the screw on the left of your shaft to remove your current foot. Then place the notch of the ruffler foot around the screw and shaft and the fork of the ruffler foot around the needle screw as indicated in the following pictures.


How-to-use-a-Ruffler-Foot-001 How-to-use-a-Ruffler-Foot-003

Hold the foot in place and hand tighten your screw then give it one last twist with your sewing machine screw driver. (Note: do not turn you screw to hard because it could strip).


You want to be sure that your needle is going to move through the hole smoothly. I sometimes have to loosen and readjust my ruffler foot to get it in a good position. Also, for some reason I have to change my needle position to the right by turning the dial shown below. When working with a ruffler foot for the first time it is best to have extra needles handy until you get the feel for how it works with your machine.


Sewing with the Ruffler Foot:

As I mentioned above before you attach your foot make sure you have enough bobbin. To insert your fabric your really have to work it in the foot. Insert it under the guide as shown in the picture below.  Make sure it comes all the way out the back. BE SURE to put your foot down…I always forget at least once per project because the fabric fits in so tight, so always make sure you put your foot down or you end up with a tangled mess and have to take the foot off to detangle your thread.

Ruffler Foot Attachment Ruffler Foot Attachment



When you start sewing watch your speed, I have found that if I keep a slow steady speed that my ruffler foot is less finicky. I suggest practicing several times with some scraps so you get the feel of how the ruffler attachment works with your machine. It is also a good way to determine what settings you want to use.


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