How to: Tulle Circle Skirt / Tutu for Baby



I just got the itch to make Ali a Tulle Circle skirt. So I hit up the craft store and bought 5 yards of tulle. You do not need that much… my skirt ended up being very full so you can get away with less. The skirt itself is pretty simple to make but first you need to do some math to get your pattern ready. Don’t worry I will walk you through it!


You need 3 measurements for your baby’s tulle skirt:

-length you want the skirt + 2 inches  (the 2 inches will wrap around the elastic waist)

-baby’s waist

-the radius of baby’s waist.

To get the radius measure around baby’s waist then divid that number by 3.14 and divid again by 2. For example if baby’s waist is 20 inches then your math will look like this:

20 ÷ 3.14 = 6.37         6.37 ÷ 2 = 3.18      Waist Radius = 3.18in

Now that you have done your math it is time to make your pattern. You can use any paper that will be large enough. I used some left over wrapping paper.

Draw a straight line that is your desired skirt length + the waist radius + 2 inches.

From the middle point of your line use a yard stick and place several dots at waist radius length and the skirt length + 2 in.  Be sure to keep the yard stick on the middle point and rotate it around until you have enough dots for you to connect.  (see the illustration below, the gray lines are where I placed my yard stick.)




Once you cut out the pattern fold the tulle into a square. Fold the square in half once more with your pattern on the fold like in the picture above. Cut your tulle by following along the outer and inner semi-circle. You will end up with many layers of circles.

Take 3 layers at a time and do a basting stitch around the waist. Repeat until you have done all the layers.

Measure and cut a piece of 1.5 inch wide elastic to fit snug and comfortably around babies waist with a few inches to overlap and sew into a circle.

Use the basting stitch on the tulle to gather the skirt in until it is the same diameter as your elastic. Repeat will all layers. Stack the layers on top of each other and fold the waist edge over the elastic and sew closed.





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