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As mom’s we need to vent about sleepless nights, laugh at unfortunate diaper incidents and sometimes take a moment for ourselves, however this linkup is not for that. While we all know that being a mom is so wonderful sometimes we forget to really focus on and talk about the “It’s Worth It” moments. Sometimes those moments are small, like a sleepy child’s head on your shoulder and sometimes they are huge like first steps.

This is a place for moms to blog about and linkup their “It’s Worth It” moments. You can brag about kids, share how your heart melted, talk about how moved you were. It will be great to focus on these stories and a wonderful outlook for any moms-to-be.

Lately one of my greatest joys with Ali has been picking her up after church. I really believe that sometimes Chris and I are secretly racing each other to the door of her Wambaland room so we can see her playing and then the smile appear at the sight of us. I will skip the bathroom and hold it all the way home just to get that sweet little moment each week.


She recently got moved up a class in church and now gets to make craft projects. While I know the project is mostly the teachers helping her I was so proud when I found her first one in her backpack. It got put on the fridge immediately!
We have also been learning the word church. It is amazing to watch her learn and grow and to know that I am a part of teaching her new things.

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