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ALI Aug 2015
We are about to hit the 18 month mark with Ali and now that her personality really shows she is just such a cool kid. As she has gotten more mobile over the past months of corse things have gotten exciting and scary. The past few weeks have been particularly tough with screaming, teething, and the fact that my toddler learned how to roll her eyes (which is kind of cute and little amazing… right now).
When times as a parent are tough (which we all know is all the time) it is so important to really cherish the “it’s worth it” moments which can sometimes feel far and few between but they are there all of the time too if you look for them and try to stay in the moment. One of my little “It’s Worth Moments” is listening to Ali sing which she does all of the time but something like that can easily be overlooked on days when she as done nothing but scream and cry about everything. So when I notice her sining I enjoy it and try to reset if we have been having a bad day.
Last night I witnessed an awesome “It’s Worth Moment.” Ali and her dad were playing while I put away some clothes. I love to see them play so occasionally I would peek over the landing from upstairs. Ali was piling all her toys one by one in dad’s lap which was very cute. Dad would as her to find  a toy and she would bring it to him. He would as her to find a certain one of her books and many times she got it right. We were so amazed at how many words she understood. As a parent moments like this can make you so proud of your kid but also be proud of yourself too because you take a big role in teaching your child.  As a mom sometimes pesky “mom-guilt” will sneak up on me for no reason and make me feel like I am not teaching Ali enough but last night I was amazed and reassured as she showed us just how smart she is.  I can even be amazed in the skill and smartness she shows when she rolls her eyes at me but now on to teaching her that eye rolling is not nice.

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