Mint & Coral Circle Baby Quilt Tutorial


Baby Quilt Tutorial

This was my first quilt ever so I know I made some mistakes and probably did things the wrong way…but hey I made it work and this is how.

What I used:
1- Soft & Bright Polyester Batting (45” x 60”) Baby Size
2 yards- Mini Confetti Dot Mint
2 yards- Premium Broadcloth White
1/2 yard- Mini Confetti Dot Shell
1/2 yard- Riley Blake Enchant Little Folks Pink
1/2 yard- Minky Cuddle Classic Toile White/Charcoal
2 yards- Coral from Hancock Fabric
4Strips- White scrap fabric
Fabric Pen

Step 1. For the frame I cut 2 strips of coral fabric to 46 inches long by 5 inches wide and 2 strips 61 inches long by 5 inches wide. Then I cut strips of white in the same lengths by 2 inches wide.
Step 2. Sew a 46 inch coral strip to a 46 inch white strip and repeat for the other 3 sets. Remember to sew with the rights sides facing each other and then iron open. Set aside.

Quilt Tutorial
Step 3. Cut the mint fabric down to 40 x 55 inches for background and iron.
Step 4.  For the circles I used bowls, a cd, embroidery hoops and other house hold items, traced around them with fabric pen and cut to get the different size circles out of all the other fabrics.
Step 5. Arrange circles in desired pattern and pin down. I used straight pins but safety would be better because when I would bunch up the fabric to sew on the machine a couple circles fell off, I was glad I had a picture to remember where I had them.
Circle Quilt Tutorial

Step 6. I used matching thread for each circle and sewed around the edges of each circle. I would add extra pins to the circle I was working on so it would not move. Where circles overlapped I sewed the bottom one first. You could use several different types of stitches but I just did a straight stitch. I suggest use some scraps to practice and decide which look you like best.
Quilt Tutorial
Step 7. Pin down the coral and white strips to the edges of the center fabric, right side facing each other. Sew together along the edges just to the ends of the center fabric… you will have extra coral and white hanging off on all corners.
I would add extra pins to the circle I was working on so it would not move.
Step 8. The corners were a little tricky for me, I probably should have already cut them at an angle but I was afraid I would get my measurements wrong so I saved it until I had the side all sewn on. Like I said I tend to figure things out as I go sometimes.
On one corner fold the framing coral and white strips so that the right sides are facing each other and pin. Sew from the corner of the center fabric to the outer corner of the framing fabric (it should be a 45 degree angle) and cut the excess fabric.  Repeat for other 3 corners.
Quilt Tutorial

Now the top of your quilt is done.

Step 9. Cut your backing fabric to the size of your batting. My fabric was just an inch short in width but I planned on folding over the edge of my coral frame to make up for it instead of having to order more backing to make up that inch.

Step 10.  Lay down your backing, then your batting and then the top of your quilt. Use safety pins to pin pin pin all 3 pieces together. You could use quilting adhesive instead, it certainly would be easier but I didn’t want to spend anymore money.
Baby Quilt

Step 11. Free Motion Quilting. To me this was the scariest part, because at this point I had a quilt top that I loved and was excited to use in the baby’s nursery and I did not want to mess it up. So I watched tutorials and practiced on scraps.  For free motion quilting you need a free motion quilting or embroidery foot for your machine. Once it is attached, lower your feed dog guides because you will be moving the fabric yourself. Quilting gloves seem like they would be helpful as they help you grip the fabric but since I do not know when I will be making another quilt I choose to do without. Before you start set your stitch length to zero and use a scrap quilt sandwich to get the right tension for your machine. Here is a video I watched about free motion quilting:
Free Motion Quilting
Free Motion Quilting

Step 12. I sewed a straight line down the coral framing on all sides.
Step 13. Lastly I folding over the coral framing to use it as binding on the back of the quilt, pinned it down and hand stitched using a blind stitch all the way around. It really didn’t take too long.



Circle Quilt Tutorail

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