Moms Enjoy the Here and Now: Summer Challenge


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What if you had one day a week set aside to do something creative and fun, outside the box and you didn’t have to come up with the ideas all on your own?

With a growing baby (or really she is officially a toddler) who is excited to learn, explore and play I have been finding it challenging to come up with new ideas to teach her and entertain her. I often wonder if I am doing enough with her… and then mom guilt will sneak up on me and I think I can do more. Ali-2 Ali

So that is why I have joined the #ETHANproject (Enjoy the Here and Now Project) in which I will be participating, along with tons of other great bloggers, in a 10-week challenge to help us re-focus our lives and enjoy the here and now. The purpose of the #ETHANproject is to inspire your creativity, motivate you to be a better mom and support you through the summer months.

Each Friday for the next 10 weeks I will share a challenge along with a personal story about my family. If you would like to participate you can download the  #ETHANproject 10-Week Challenge Overview.  You can also join the Facebook group.  ETHANproject Schedule Image (for your readers)

Signup for my newsletter to follow along with me as I complete the summer challenge. I will also be featuring my readers stories so please leave comments back to your post if you want to be featured!  I will be sending all subscribers a free download of the #ETHANproject backdrops.

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