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Mom exchange

One thing I have been so excited to discover in the land of blogging was participating in exchanges.  The first one I participated in wasMother’s Day Mon Exchange hosted by The Chronicles of WeChasin’ Mason,  and Sweet Turtle Soup. Each participant was assigned someone to send some goodies to. 

Through the exchange I met Nina from The Joni Journey who I was given to pamper. Nina describes herself as a bookworm, girly, outdoorsy, a hummingbird-lover, who is pregnant and loves roaming Barns and Noble with a Starbucks in hand! Nina and I have many things in common… I am currently writing this in Starbucks with my Kindle nearby ready for some reading and if a hummingbird flew by the window I would be totally captivated. 

After asking Nina a few questions and reading her blog I put together her package which included a Mama Bear Mug and Mama Bear Car Decal from my Etsy Shop, Barns & Noble and Starbucks  Gift Cards and some cute notepads because she told me she liked making list.

Mama bear Mug-2

I also met Michelle from Grammie Time who sent me sweet gifts! When the package arrived I was so excited to open it and so was my dog… (that nose of her letting her know that there was a special treat for her in the box too)! Michelle was so sweet to not only pamper me but she also included a little something for my two loves who I get to be a mother to (my daughter and my golden-collie).  In the box was some great smelling lotion and candle, washi tape,  a gorgeous infinity scarf, and nylabone bone for Presley, my dog and a book for my daughter, Ali.

Mother's Day Post-2

I can’t even tell you how spot on Michelle was when she picked out gifts for us.  First of all I loved the  pretty tissue paper which I used as a background in my photos. Scarfs are my go to accessory, especially infinity scarfs, in fact I had just talked myself out of buying one the day before I got my gift so I was very excited! I really wanted to get a picture of the scarf on but I have been sick and it did not happen, but I have worn it and hopefully will feature it in a What We Wore Post.  As a DIY / craft person I love cool washi tape and we love to have a scented candle lit in our home.

Presley loves these dinosaur nylabones, it is really the only thing we let her chew on. She was so excited I had to open it right away for her. Ali loves to pretend read. Books are actually one of her favorite things to play with. She will sit with a book and just babble and babble! Thank you so much Michelle for the super sweet gifts!

Mother's Day Post-3Ali-with-book


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