Motivated to Move Link Up: What You Need for Cycle Class


First Day at the Gym (3)

My workout method of choice is taking classes. I take 3-4 different classes a week at my gym. One of those is cycle, boy is it  a great way to sweat. I have to admit that the first time I walked in I was unprepared for it.

What You Need for Cycle Class:


-Sweat Towel – because you will be really sweaty

-Know how to set your bike- You can of coarse get the teacher to help but here is a video

– Form fitting workout clothes: I prefer long shorts or capris

Optional: These are things that you get use in class but I would wait until you decide you are going to keepp cycling for a long time.

– clip in cycle shoes: Regular tennis shoes work fine but I have heard cycle shoes are great. I think some might be on my Christmas List this year.

-Bike gloves

-padded bike shorts: Yes your but will be sore but it goes away after some time.

-padded bike seat cover

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