Newborn Activities: 5 Things to do with Baby



Life with a new baby is extremely exciting, wonderful and at times overwhelming. It doses’t seem like there is much time between feedings and even though babies sleep a lot it can be easyto overwhelm yourself coming up with way to interact and stimulate your babies mind.  Don’t worry you will quickly get the hang of things and into your own routine. Here are 5 things I do (or try to do) with my baby everyday.

1. Baby Exercises – For new parents I think “tummy time” becomes a new staple activity. I want my daughter to develop the muscles she needs to hold her head up and start crawling. We do tummy time for a few minute several times a day. If she is happy we do tummy time for even longer letting her practice lifting her head up. We stay very close, talk to her, and show her toys. She does better on a hard surface (verses a bed) so I often put a blanket down in the floor of the nursery and lay down next to her. Once she started being able to hold her head up a bit I hold her hands and pull her up into a sitting position. She helps pull herself too.

2. Read – Reading to baby helps you bond, it can sooth her and helps her eventually learn how to talk. We read Dr. Suess board books and every night before bed I try to read her Lulla-Bible.

3. Sing and Dance – Another fun bonding time and I feel like it stimulates her mind. I use Pandora and switch between a disney station, Baby Einstein Station and our favorite, the Pharrell Williams’, Happy station. Our happy station play both current and fun oldies (of course stations will alter based on what you give a thumbs up to). Sometime I hold Ali and dance around and other times I lay her down and move her legs and arms.

4.Play – I love to show her toys and sometimes a mirror. I move them back and forth so she can track them with her eyes. Babies see black and white toys best at first, we have this really cute one from Wee Gallery that we got in our latest Citrus Lane box.

5. Let Baby Be – This one was hard for me at first, I felt like if she was awake I needed to be holding her and interacting with her constantly, but babies need to take things in on their own. Sometimes she sits in her swing or lays on her play mat watching a mobile, looking around at colorful things in the room, or discovering her hands. I learned pretty quickly that she really does like this time to herself as she smiles and coos at things.


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