Getting Ready for Baby: What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag


What to Pack in Hospital Bag for mom dad and baby

Today marks 36 weeks pregnant so over the weekend I packed my hospital bag! I have looked on tons of list, took a class and gotten advice from new moms… so below is what I have decided to put in my bags. Now some of the items you are going to say Kate, they give you that stuff at the hospital… Yes you are right but after your first batch of diapers, nursing supplies, etc etc that they give you, you better believe they start charing your insurance for any extras and this in the big picture can cause premiums to go up. This was advice given to me by the nurse who taught my baby class. My delivering hospital keeps you for 48 hours for regular delivery and 72 hours for a C-Section…. so it is likely that will need extra stuff.

For Mom:

  • License and Insurance Card (granted I need it in my purse still but we will grab it on the way)
  • Extra Pillows (this is optional, but I know at my delivering hospital it was recommended by my baby class nurse and other new moms)
  • 2 Night Gowns
  • a Cotton Robe
  • 3 Nursing Sleep Bras
  • A Box of Nursing Pads
  • Slippers and Slipper socks
  • 3 Pairs of Big Comfy Undies
  • Toothbrush/ Toothpaste
  • Hairbrush and hairbands
  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Fase Wash
  • Soap
  • Makeup (I am not someone who won’t leave my house without makeup on but I figure there will be lots of pictures and it will feel good to freshen up. So I will take just my tinted BB Cream and Mascara).
  • Chapstick (I read your lips get very chapped)
  • Tylenol  (the hospital will charge you, so I am bringing my own)
  • Stool Softener (this is on the list my hospital gave me so I figure better safe than sorry)
  • Comfy Discharge Clothes

For Baby:

Dad’s Bag:

  • Couple Changes of Clothes
  • Magazine/ Book or Ipad
  • drinks and snacks
  • Call list that I made for him
  • Camera
  • Toiletries
  • Phone Charger

I would love to hear your thoughts! Do you have anything to add? Do you think I am overdoing? Please Comment Below!



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