Blogger PEN-spiration Project


Penspiration I love to blog but sometimes I can get very insecure about it. I also love cool stationary, I picked up a new pack of pretty cards recently thinking, I will come up a great reason to mail these out! I decided to combine my blog love with my love of paper goods and the Blogger Pen-spiration project was born.  The idea is to encourage and inspire each other with fun mail!


I created a private Facebook group where bloggers can talk about their goals, ideas, network and cheer each other on as we accomplish them. It will be a place to come for inspiration and encouragement for any insecurities you might be facing. There will be a password protected database with  each blogger’s address so members can send encouraging mail.  Each member will fill out a form below and I will check out their blog before they can join. You may choose to only participate in the Facebook group but you will not have access to the address database.


Have you connected with another blogger and want to send them a little hand-written note? Did a blogger make a big announcement or write a post that really resonated with you? Does a blogger you often read need encouragement with a new idea or goal? If they are a member of the Blogger Pen-spiration Project you can find their address to send some love or you can invite them to join with the invitation below!Because someone has been inspired by   Invitation Code: <a href=””><img class=”aligncenter wp-image-2459″ src=”” alt=”Because someone has been inspired by” width=”479″ height=”713″ /></a>

Join the Blogger Pen-spiration Project

I will not share your information with anyone not a member of this group however you share your address at your own risk. 

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