Personalized Party Ware & How to Create Circular Text in Silhouette Studio



I found a white vintage tea set to use for my daughter’s upcoming first birthday “tea party.” To personalize it I used some gold glitter removeable vinyl and my Silhouette Cameo. Since I tested out cooking cupcakes in the tea cups I went ahead and applied the vinyl so I could see how it will all look for the party! Personolized Partyware with Silhouette Personolized Partyware with Silhouette-3


I wanted to apply the vinyl to the flat circular part just around the teacup. So I measured the diameter of the entire circle and then the width of where I wanted the vinyl. It was about 4 inches in diameter and 1 inch wide.  Create-Circular-Text-in-Silhouette-Studio

How to Create Circular Text in Silhouette Studio

1. Draw a circle while holding the shift key to make it symmetrical.  As you draw your circle your will be able to see the diameter. I made the circle a quarter of an inch smaller than my work area on the plate, that way any text that hangs down will fit. Create Circular Text in Silhouette Studio 1


2. Setting an internal offset will help you see how much space you are working with. Since I took a quarter of an inch off the outer circle I took a quarter off the offset as well. Create-Circular-Text-in-Silhouette-Studio-3

3. Create your text. Choose your font and approximate size. When your text box is active you will see an icon on the left of the text. Click it and drag your text to the edge of the circle. It might wrap around the outer edge, just keep holding your mouse down and move your text in a little more until it pops inside the circle. Create-Circular-Text-in-Silhouette-Studio-4


4. You will be able to select your text and drag it around the circle. You can also still edit your text to make it fit better if needed. I often like to add an extra space between words and adjust the character spacing. Create-Circular-Text-in-Silhouette-Studio-6

5. Now you can fill in the rest of the space with other embellishments. Create-Circular-Text-in-Silhouette-Studio-7

6. To maximize my vinyl I cut shapes out of the negative space in the middle and applied them to the tea cups. You could also cut common shapes like stars or hearts to use in future projects. Create-Circular-Text-in-Silhouette-Studio-8Personolized Partyware with Silhouette-2Personolized Partyware with Silhouette-4

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