Pottery Barn Inspired Striped Pillows



On this cover of Pottery Barn this summer I spotted some striped outdoor pillows and it inspired me to make some striped pillows for our couch. I bought some canvas duct fabric because it us durable and not too expensive. I washed it before I got started so I could soften it up a bit.  I have more pillows in mind to make for the living room but I knew I wanted these to be the largest pillows on the couch so I decided 20 inch square pillows were a good size.


Supplies for Stripe Pillows:

-two colors of fabric (for me I did half a yard of blue color and one yard of cream)

-two pillow forms

-quilting mat and ruler

-rotary cutter (or vanishing marker and scissors)

-sewing machine

-matching thread



Tutorial for Sewing Striped Pillows



1. Cut eight stripes of blue fabric 3.5 inched x 21 inches

2. Cut six strips of cream fabric at 3.5 inches x 21 inches



3. Cut two 21 x 21 inch squares out of the cream fabric


4. Pin stripes together in alternating colors with right sides together (4 blue and 3 cream for each pillow).  Note: You want to be sure all of your seams end up on the same side.


5. Make sure your ends are even… I cut my cream strips a little long so I need to trim one side of my pillow front.


6. Iron the seams flat.


7. Pin your striped pillow from to the cream square with right sides facing in.


8. Sew around edges leaving about 6 inches open on the bottom side.


9.  Turn right side out making sure to pop out the corners  and stuff in pillow form.

10. Blind stitch the bottom closed.

Striped-Pillows-002 Striped-Pillows-004 Striped-Pillows-003 Striped-Pillows-006

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