Redoing a Rod Iron: Spray painting a Rod Iron Patio Set



Do you have a rod iron table or chair that is in rough shape? Don’t worry it can be fixed. When we bought our house we noticed a rod iron patio set left outback. Since the previous owners had already moved out and left it behind we asked them if we could keep it. It was a nice table with four chairs but needed some work. The paint was peeling in places and it was rusting.  So I headed to home depot for some supplies and I discovered my new favorite spray paint, Rustoleum Universal Advanced Formula Metallic in Oil Rubbed Bronze. If you are not familiar with Oil Rubbed Bronze it is the new popular color of door knobs and hinges you might see in home… we have them and they look great!




Supplies Used to Refurbish Rod Iron Table Set:

-Wire Brush

– 3 Cans of Rustoleum Universal Advanced Formula Metallic in Oil Rubbed Bronze

– Tarp to paint on (optional)


Steps in Redoing a Rod Iron Table Set:

1. Take a wire brush to areas where the paint is peeling or there is rust. Scrub the areas with the brush until they are smooth and most of the rust is gone (it is okay if you cannot remove all of the rust).

2. Wipe down the set, getting all the loose dirt off and let dry.

3. Spray one first coat of spray paint and let dry for an hour (be sure to walk around the table or chair and look underneath, making sure you cover all sides).

4. Spray 2nd cost of Spray paint let dry overnight (if you think you need a 3rd coat, apply it and  then let dry overnight) .

Painting-a-Rod-Iron-Table-004 Painting-a-Rod-Iron-Table-003 Painting-a-Rod-Iron-Table-001 Painting-a-Rod-Iron-Table-002

Spray Painting Tips:

– Keep paint can about 6 inches away from surface

-use small strocks, releasing the trigger as demonstrated in the video below

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