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It took me a long time to really utilize twitter it was a bit overwhelming as I followed more people. Then I discovered the list option. You can organize your twitter followers into as many list as you want. I have list for book related tweeters, bloggers, things local to my area etc. I am just getting started but I have really been utilizing my authors and publishers list to keep up with new things in the lit world. The other cool thing about twitter list is you can subscribe to other users list.

How to Use Twitter List:

1. To find or create list click on your icon next to the search bar in the upper right of your screen. Then choose list from the drop down.

2. On your list page you can create list by clicking the button on the right side. You can also see any list you created or subscribed to and if you click “member of” you can see what list you have been added to.


3. To add a twitter user to a list go to their profile page and click the gear icon. From the drop down click “add or remove from list.” Twitter-list-3

3. A window will pop up where you can select one or multiple list to add the user to or create a new list. Twitter-List-44. To view tweest from a list go to your list page as shown in step one and click the list you want to view.

How to view your list on iphone

To view list on your phone click on the me icon in the twitter app then click on the gear. Select list from the menu and choose the list you want to view.



How do you utilize twitter to help with your blogging?


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