Spring Cleaning Behind Closed Doors


spring cleaning

Making a List

Do you ever open your panty or closet and think Ugh this really needs organizing! I know I do EVERYDAY,  but with a baby, husband, dog, blog, Etsy store and umm just wanting to watch tv, shower, sleep, craft and whatever else I can think to do beside clean up behind closed doors… I never get to it. Now that spring is almost here I have the spring cleaning bug (and I just can’t look at it anymore)! So I made a list of every area that needs a good organizing and cleaning out. I have been adding to my list every time I open a door or drawer that needs some attention.

Setting Goals

So far I have 10 areas on my list, including one virtual area my dreaded junked up email inbox.  Since the baby really does keep me busy (and I don’t like to clean) I am setting a light goal of only organizing 2 areas a week.  So yes, maybe it will take me 5 weeks (or more as I add new areas to clean) but at this point 5 weeks is better than never. I was originally going to do one area a week but as my list got longer I decided to bump it up.  I am not prioritizing my list, I will just do which ever task I can get done based on how my week looks.

Apps to Keep up with Your List

Spring Cleaning List

I love a to write to do list with pen and paper but as a busy mom I have found that going virtual with my todo list is much easier. It took me a long time to give up the old fashioned way but they are so many great apps like Wunderlist, Evernote and AnyDo. I choose AnyDo to keep my list. Once I organize an area I can check it off. AnyDo will cross a line through it so I can see what I have accomplished and what is left to do. AnyDo will also let you share your list, so you can add your husband or roommate and get them to help out!

Do you have any organizing or spring cleaning tips? Please comment below.

For more organizing tips check back next week, I will post an interview from Kristin, from Organizing Life With Less.

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