Take Better Blog Photos Using Window Light


6 Tips to Take Better Photos

Many bloggers have commented lately that they want to take better photos for their blog. I am going to start a photography tips series on my blog and to get started I am sharing tips on using window light. To me light is the most important part of your photo (some may argue it is composition), photos are made of light. Without light there would be no photo. Here are 6 simple tips for using window light to take better photos for your blog.

1. Study the light in your home. Notice how natural light changes in your house throughout the day at different times an in different rooms. Figure out which areas are better lit at the time you need to shoot.

2. Turn off all other lights. If you can get enough natural light in your house, then turn off all other light sources. Natural light is a different color tone than  tungsten or florescent lights in your home and mixing them can create some bad photos.  We will look into that more in depth later on.

3. Bay Windows are great. I love using my bay window because it lights my subject fairly evenly. Just be sure that you are not creating a shadow if you and standing in front of the window. I had my set up below sitting center with the main pain of the bay window.

Take better blog photos-2 Take better blog photos

4. Place Subject near the window. I used a treat to entice my dog to pose for me. By having her face the window I get nice light on her face for a profile shot. Having her look at me made for nice dramatic lighting. So play around with your subject to get the look you want.

Take better blog photos-5 Take better blog photos-4 Take better blog photos-6

5. Use a reflector (or White foam board, mirror). If you have a window on one side you can use a reflector to add light to the other side. Below I am using white foam board from the Dollar Tree.

Take better blog photos-7

The left photo is with the reflector and the right is without. Take better blog photos-8

6. If the light is too strong use a sheer white material as a defuser to soften the light. As stay at home mom I don’t always get to take photos when I want, so if I need to shoot by a window where the light is too strong I defuse it. You can use tissue paper or a white sheer cloth or curtain to defuse the light giving it a softer look.

Take better blog photos-10

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