Taking Stock of July




Yes July has come and gone and it is dreadfully hot August. On the up side it is our anniversary month (6 years).  We did get married indoors near the end of August and luckily it was a cool day. Also the kids here started school this week… that just seems crazy to me. By the time Ali goes to school they will be starting in July. Here is a Look back on July.

I have been…


Making: Mama Bear Car Decals that are for sale in my Etsy Shop
Cooking: Quinoa
Drinking: Coffee and less soda!
Reading:  The Veil, The Queen of Someday and The Queen of Tomorrow, The Beginning of Never
Wanting: To set (and stick to) better work schedule …aka I need to get my butt out of bed a few hours before Ali gets up.
Looking: For Bloggers Who would like to Review Books on their blog. 
Playing: Chase with Ali… she loves to run and giggle through the house
Wasting: no time 
Sewing: Nothing new this month
Enjoying: Motherhood
Waiting: For Fall
Liking: Our Time at the Beach
Wondering:  Were to Promote My site (other than social media)  
Loving: My Husband, who helped me so much with my new book promotions site. 
Hoping: That the launch of my new book promotions site goes well: Meraki Book Tours
Marveling: At how my 15 month can babble along with all of the songs her toys sing and how close it sounds actual sentences. 
Needing: To Build My Social Media Following for the New Site: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 
Smelling: stinky from the gym. 
Wearing: Work out Clothes for the gym.
Knowing:  I Can Do It…. (about several different things)
Thinking: About How to Improve my Blog
Bookmarking:  The Book of Speculation 🙁 It is Very Good but I need to finish some of my books for review first.
Opening: The Gym Door!
Feeling: Busy but Great!

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