Taking Stock of June



I cannot believe it is already July! Wow what happened to June. Last month I read a lot and have been brainstorming a new idea. This is my second monthly taking stock blog I got the idea from the blog Rich as Kings by Anna. You should pay her a visit, she has a list that you can copy and paste for your own taking stock blog post.

I have been…

Making: Cards, notebook decals and State Mugs (Be sure to enter my Notebook Decal Giveaway
Cooking: Chicken in the Crockpot that we use for tacos for several days to follow. 
Drinking: Dunkin Donuts Coffee in my Keurig with coconut milk for creamer.
Reading:  So much! Grunge Gods and Graveyards | Everything Everything | Awake | Anything | Fairy Tale Romance Collection
Wanting: To take an online writing/ blogging course. Any Recommendations? 
Looking: For a new pillow. I have not been sleeping great so I am looking for the best pillow! Any Recommendations? 
Playing: Headsup on the ipad with friends! It is an awesome group game by Ellen DeGeneres
Wasting: Time trying to figure out who the heck A is!!! #PLL
Sewing: Nothing new this month
Wishing: I was a morning person so I can get things done before Ali wakes up. 
Enjoying: A great time catching up with some friends. 
Waiting: On Cow Appreciation Day! July 14 Dress like a Cow get FREE Chickfila! 
Liking: A fantastic book that I am reading for an upcoming blog tour. Read my Review on July 15
Wondering:  About Virtual Book Tours 
Loving: My Husband, who works so hard and is a wonderful dad and Husband. 
Hoping: For Good Health in my Family. 
Marveling: At my Daughter! I believe she will always be what I am marveling at… it is truly amazing to watch a human grow everyday and know that I take part in it. 
Needing: To Eat Healthier 
Smelling:  Like the Watermelon I have been making smoothies with. 
Wearing: Flowy shirts and leggings/ yoga pants
Following: Gina Ciocca a debuting YA author that I just met. Her Book is Last Years Mistake
Noticing: Time speeds up with each new milestone in your life… after having a baby I feel like time has been in super speed.
Knowing:  that things happen for a reason
Thinking: About Starting a New adventure in Virtual Book Tours
Bookmarking:  The #PACSelfLove Instagram Challenge so I could remember to participate! It starts today!
Opening: More Packages with Books!
Feeling: Optimistic about new ideas

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