Tutorial: Bunting Banner Made with a Silhouette Cameo



Did you know that the Silhouette Cameo or Portrait will cut fabric?! I was so excited to test it out when I made this bunting banner. Silhouette Party Projects-3

1. Cut the Silhouette fabric interfacing down to your fabric size (and one that will fit on your mat). Then iron it on the back of your fabric (see the directions on the package). Silhouette Cameo Bunting Banner Silhouette Cameo Bunting Banner-2

2. Place it on your mat and load into the machine. Set up your machine with your fabric blade. Silhouette Cameo Bunting Banner-3

3. Create your flags in Silhouette Studio and cut.

Bunting Banner Flags

4. Pin your flags right sides together. Silhouette Cameo Bunting Banner-4

5. Sew up the longer sides leaving the top open. Silhouette Cameo Bunting Banner-56. Snip the corners. Silhouette Cameo Bunting Banner-6

7. Turn the flags right side out using something to help with the points. (I used a wood food skewer)Silhouette Cameo Bunting Banner-7

8. Iron the flags flat. Silhouette Cameo Bunting Banner-8

9. Apply Your Heat Transfer Design or Letter to your Flags. Silhouette Cameo Bunting Banner-9

10. Sew a Ribbon across the top. Silhouette Cameo Bunting Banner-10

Silhouette Cameo Party Streamers-4Bunting-Banner-with-the-Silhouette-Cameo


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