Tutorial Tuesday: Washi Tape Cards


Washi Tape Cards


I love cute cards to spread some love and since I am slowly building up a cute collection of washi tape I wanted to come up with a cute way to use it. I pulled out my tape, some card stock and dug through my old collection of stamps and came up with these cute cards1

Materials for Washi Tape Cards:

-Blank Cards or Card stock paper
-Washi Tape
-Stamps & Ink

Step 1: If you are using blank cards skip this step. Cut and fold card stock to desired card size.

Step 2: Decide how you want your washi tape and place on card. There are no rules

Step 3: Use a Stamp or Printed washi stickers to add a message. You can stamp on the paper, right on the tape or use a printed washi sticker like my last card below.

Washi Tape Cards-2 Washi Tape Cards-3 Washi Tape Cards-4

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