We Interrupt this Blog to Discuss… WHO IS A?


5 Days to the  #bigAreveal (2)

Okay so this is not the blog I was going to post today but if you are a Pretty Little Liars Fan we need to talk!  We are now 5 days away from the Big A Reveal and I am on the edge of my seat. I honestly don’t know who A is. Do you think we will really find out?

After Tuesdays Episode I felt like all fingers point to Andrew for several reasons:

1. Obviously his name starts with A
2. This Line: “I just want to be there for you. Every second. Every day. Every breath you take. I’ll be watching you.”  He also stressed that he was there for her 24/7…. Who is around 24/7… A that’s who
3. Andrew was “missing” during Mike’s attack and then there was the whole Andrew being a scout thing.

However, all of this seems too obvious.

After reading this article from Alloy Entertainment I think it could be one of the Liars.  Maybe it is Emily, because in the article, Sasha Pieterse says it is someone you would never expect and it is dark. Emily is the one character on the show that I have never expected. Maybe it is Ella, Aria’s Mom… if I just keep guessing all the Pretty Little Liars characters I’m bound to be right. 

I have read many theories from Aria being A, to Agent Tanner and the return of someone like Lucas or Wren. Sarah Shepard, author of the books that inspired the show, says she doses’t even know who A is in this article on People.com.

Do you think “Big” A will really be revealed next week?  Do you have any A theories? I would love to hear them.


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