What We Wore: Beach Wear & Other Beach Gear


Baby & Mom Beach Wear

I love going to the beach or hanging out at the pool and I love my baby’s cute swimwear that she got from her aunt (and uncle and cousin) for her birthday.  I do not however love wearing swimwear until I found a great swim suite that I actually don’t mind wearing!


Baby’s Beach WearBaby-Beach-Wear


White and Gold Seahorse Swim Suite- Janie and Jack

Tunic Cover Up – Janie and Jack

White Sunglasses- Janie and Jack

Sun Hat- Gymboree


Mom’s Beach Wear

I recently bought a new bathing suit and I have to say I love it! Since putting on some weight after college and then having a baby bathing suit shopping is not fun. I had a couple takini tops that I bought on sale and have been wearing them on beach trips the past few years. While on our last trip I decided since we now live somewhere that has a neighborhood pool I should get a new suit. So I stopped in a TJ Maxx and tried on some really cute one pieces with a few goals in mind:

-I wanted a suit with just regular shoulder straps, I did not like the tan line my halter strap suites left.

-I wanted to feel confident in it, which can be hard when trying on swim wear.

I ended up finding a back one piece with some ruching and I really love it. I could not find the exact suit online but below are some similar options. Click the picture to take you to listing.




Other Beach Needs:



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