Whats for Dinner? How to Organize a Weekly Menu and Save Money


Whats-forI don’t know how many times I have pinned recipes and never made them. Sometimes I have planned an entire week of meals around certain recipes to only get off track making other things and letting ingredients go bad.  So I came up with a method to save money and stay organized when it comes to planning  a weeks worth of dinners.

1. I plan our meals with a few repeat recipes and a few new ones that I find via Pinterest and Blogs. Since our kitchen is not usually stocked with all kinds of ingredients I choose meals with one overlapping ingredient. For example,  the recipe I show in the image below from The Pining Mama uses Pesto and Roma tomatoes. So I might try to find a second recipe to use the pesto in and a third that uses tomatoes (I save money on buying a pack of tomatoes vs. just one or two).
2. I save new recipes in Evernote using the Evernote Web Clipper for Chrome. Once it is installed on your Chrome navigation bar you can simply click the Evernote icon and a box will appear. You select how you want to save the webpage to Evernote and add tags. For blog post with recipes, I choose simplified article and add the tag menu. Clip-to-Evernote



3. I make a list of the meals I plan to make for the week in my AnyDo App under the folder Menu. Once I have 5-7 meals I make my grocery list by going back through my Evernote clippings and of course adding in other things we need such as sides. I make this list the old fashioned way with pen and paper so I can just toss it as I leave the store. I do not organize my meals by day I just pick one the night before or the morning of so I can defrost things or get the crockpot going. Menu-in-AnyDo

4. When you need to find the recipe in Evernote you can search for your tag and select the one you want to see. Also, if you really like a recipe and want to find more from the same blogger you can click on the weblink just above the recipe.

Evernote-RecipeHow to plan your dinners for the week? Do you have a method? Please comment below!


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