If your electric stove’s buttons are not working, you will be unable to operate the stove. There are many reasons why the buttons or some buttons may stop working.

Software problems, thermal cutoff, control board issues, bad connection, unsupported cookware, faulty control panel, and power supply problems are the common reasons for electric stove buttons not working.

Key Takeaway

Inspect Control Panel: Check the control panel for any visible signs of damage or malfunction and attempt to reset it if possible.
Examine Wiring Connections: Ensure all wiring connections are secure and undamaged, and consider replacing any faulty wiring.
Test Button Functionality: Test the functionality of each button individually to identify any specific issues, and replace worn or defective buttons as needed.
Consider Professional Help: If troubleshooting steps fail to resolve the issue, seek assistance from a qualified technician to diagnose and repair the underlying problem.

Causes and Fixes of Electric Stove Buttons Not Working

Take a look at the table for the solutions to electric stove buttons not working.

Software ProblemUpdate or reset the software.
Thermal CutoffMake sure the stove’s ventilation system is clear.
Control Board IssueReset the firmware or contact customer support.
Bad ConnectionFix any loose wires.
Unsupported CookwareUse compatible cookware.
Faulty Control PanelRepair any damage and recalibrate.
Power Supply ProblemFix power supply issues and replace any blown fuses.

Software Problem

Your electric stove’s buttons may react slowly or strangely if there is an issue with the firmware or software.

Certain electric stoves may contain firmware or software that eventually becomes corrupted or has issues.

This may result in inconsistent button behavior or delayed responses. Power surges may also be the cause of this, as they can damage both software and hardware. 

The Fix:

You should disconnect and switch off the stove first. To reset the software or firmware, give it a few minutes of waiting. You can also visit the manufacturer’s website or get in touch with their customer service.

Check to see whether your stove has firmware or software updates available. Software-related problems are frequently resolved by installing the most recent updates. Refer to the user handbook for your stove for guidance.

To get the stove’s software back to factory defaults, you might wish to do a factory reset. This can fix any bugs in the software. See an expert technician if the issues continue.

Thermal Cutoff

The buttons on your electric stove may have stopped functioning. This could occur during long cooking sessions or afterward.

Thermal cutoffs are incorporated into electric stoves to guard against overheating. The stove may turn off various features to prevent damage if it becomes too hot.

The Fix:

Wait for the stove to cool down fully if it has been operating at a high temperature. The purpose of the thermal cutoff is to stop overheating. So, the reset process could take some time.

Now, you must make sure the stove’s ventilation system is clear of debris and clean. Filters and fans are included in this. Overheating can be avoided if you control the ventilation.

Always be careful to stay away from prolonged use of high-heat settings. If you cook at really high temperatures a lot, you might want to modify your cooking methods. By doing this, you can avoid future overheating issues.

Control Board Issue

Should your buttons become inoperable, there may be an issue with the control board. Errors may also appear on your electric stove.

The stove’s control board manages its operations. Moisture or electrical surges cause it to malfunction. Electric stove manufacturing flaws are also readily apparent. Button malfunction may be caused by faulty control boards.

The Fix:

To fix the issue, follow these guidelines:

  • Turn off the stove for a few minutes. This could fix any short-term issues with the control board.
  • For details on how to update or reset the software on the control board, consult the user handbook that comes with the stove.
  • Resetting or updating the program can sometimes fix problems.
  • Get in touch with customer service at the stove’s manufacturer if the control board keeps acting up.
  • They can provide you with an additional assessment and possibly a control board replacement.

Bad Connection

A prevalent problem among many users of electric stoves is that just a portion of the buttons function. You will notice that your inputs are not being recognized by the other buttons.

Inside the stove, there can be broken or weak wiring connections. Partially failing buttons result from this. Errors in manufacturing or normal wear and tear may be the cause of this issue.

The Fix:

Remove the control panel cover to resolve this issue. The stove’s front is usually where you’ll find it. The wiring behind the panel can require access with a screwdriver.

After that, you should take a close look at the control board’s electrical connections. Keep an eye out for any damaged or disconnected cables. 

Reattach the wires or replace them as needed. Also, verify that they are securely connected.

Test every button after the wiring has been checked and secured. Check if they respond to you. Deeper wiring problems can be the cause if some buttons remain unresponsive. Take the stove to a specialist to solve complex issues.

Unsupported Cookware

The buttons on your electric stove may not work if they employ induction cooking. If only a few of the induction element’s buttons are not working, there may be a cookware issue.

This occurs when cookware that is not induction-compatible is placed on an induction element. For induction elements to function, you must use a certain kind of pot or pan.

The Fix:

Follow these steps carefully:

  • Make sure your cookware is compatible with the induction element before using it.
  • Cookware that is suitable for induction usually has a magnetic bottom. 
  • Use a magnet to test the cookware’s bottom. It’s probably induction-compatible if it sticks.
  • You should use induction-compatible pots and pans instead of incompatible cookware.
  • Do not use cookware made of glass or aluminum with induction elements because they won’t operate.
  • Verify the functionality of the buttons’ response to the non-induction components.
  • If they function well, the issue is probably not with the buttons but rather with the cookware compatibility.

Faulty Control Panel

Sometimes a control panel issue causes the buttons to become unresponsive. Additionally, they may only function sporadically.

The buttons and electronic parts are kept in the control panel. It may be broken or not working properly. The main cause of it is electrical problems. But regular wear and tear can also be the culprit. 

The Fix:

To fix the control panel, follow these steps:

  • Restart the stove: try unplugging it from the power supply and turning it off for a short while. Replug it and turn it on. Minor control panel issues can occasionally be fixed with a straightforward power cycle.
  • Check for physical damage: Give the control panel a close inspection. Any obvious physical damage, such as cracks or loose pieces, should be looked for. Should you discover any problems, replace the control panel.
  • Test buttons: If some buttons don’t work, try pushing them all at once to see whether the issue is limited to a particular location. You can determine whether the problem is exclusive to a certain area.
  • Calibration: The touch-sensitive control panel on some stoves might need to be adjusted. Look at the manual to know which combination of buttons you need to press or to know how to use the reset feature.

Power Supply Problem

Your electric stove may have a problem where none of the buttons work. A tripped circuit breaker could be the reason the stove isn’t getting electricity.

A malfunctioning power outlet may potentially be the cause. The stove’s buttons won’t function if it doesn’t get the power it needs.

The Fix:

First, make sure the electrical socket your stove is plugged into is operational. To make sure there is energy coming from the outlet, plug in another device. Reset any tripped circuit breakers if it isn’t.

You will have to replace any blown fuses connected to that outlet. Examine your stove’s power line for any obvious damage. Get a new cord if you discover any cuts or other damage.

A power switch may be found on or close to certain stoves. Make sure it is turned on. If you are not sure about the power source, make sure the stove is getting the right voltage by using a voltage tester.

Frequently Asked Questions -FAQs

Can my electric stove be damaged by using incompatible cookware?

It might impair the stove’s operation. 

How frequently should I clean my electric stove buttons?

After every usage, clean the cooktop, buttons, and control panel.

Why does my electric stove’s button panel not have any display?

There could be a problem with the control board. 

How to protect my electric stove buttons from power surges?

Use surge protectors.

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