Samsung glass stove is an up to date burner that adds beauty to your kitchen with its sleek top and some extraordinary features. People often love to use this kind of grand elements in their cooking area.

In spite of having some attractive features, users claim about some of its cons also. One of which is its glass top issue. 

So, let’s try to find out the Samsung glass stove top issues that is bothering along with its recovery.

Key Takeaway

Regularly clean the glass surface of your Samsung stove to prevent buildup of food residue or spills that may affect heating performance.
Check for any visible damage or signs of wear on the heating elements and replace them if necessary to ensure even heat distribution.
Calibrate the touch controls according to the manufacturer’s instructions to address any unresponsiveness or erratic behavior.
If the glass surface is cracked or damaged, refrain from using the stove and consult a certified technician for proper repair or replacement.
How to Solve Samsung Glass Stove Top Issues
How to Solve Samsung Glass Stove Top Issues

What Are Samsung Glass Stove Top Issues You Might Face?

If you are a Samsung glass stove top user, undoubtedly you own something grand. But you also know the issues regarding the top if you are conducting it for a long period. Some of these difficulties are showcased below –

Faulty Burner

If the fuse is damaged, your burner may not work and even sometimes may crack your glass top.

Malfunctioning Hot Surface Indicator

It is a sufficient kit attached to the stove. It remains lit until the temperature cools down below 65°C after your cooking. 

But sometimes it does not work properly on a Samsung glass stove top which can result in burning your fingers suddenly.

Excessive Hot Cooking Element

The heating element operates as high and low. It might not work as per the command and remain in high temperature instead of using the low heat command. 

Improper Fast Boiling

In some glass stove of Samsung, the fast-boiling mechanism does not work properly and function like other burners.

For example – the largest burner boils water at the same rate as smaller ones, even with a less amount of water. 

Abnormal Temperature Setting

Cycling on and off features are conducted by the radiant elements. Sometimes it remains hot but fades from red while the turn-off feature is on. It can cause harm if you are not cautious.

Inappropriate Heating

Another problem regarding your Samsung glass stove top is, that once in a way it becomes unable to boil or heat your pan evenly.

It provides slow heating instead of raising the temperature as per your command. Unfortunately, that results in underdone food.

Slow Cooling Mechanism

It often happens when you keep your pans on the burner even after finishing the cooking. The cooktop remains too much hot in spite of the stove being turned off. 

After completing cooking, the Samsung glass stove top appears to be slow in cooling down which results in burnt and overcooked food unexpectedly.

Ineffective Kitchen Timer

It is set to heat the food for a certain period. Normally it makes an alarm and shuts down after this time. But in some cases, it still goes on heating and burns your food if you are not shutting it down manually.

How To Solve Samsung Glass Stove Top Issues?

It is high time you dealt with your stove issues. There are some troubleshooting approaches below that will keep you away from those difficulties –

  1. Remove the fuse if it is found to be damaged and replace it.
  2. Cautiously put your utensils way to prevent scratches and cracks on the top.
  3. Repair the kitchen timer if it is not shutting down on time.
  4. Check whether there is grid-like pattern between the burner and the glass top. If it is, that means your glass top is defect-free.
  5. Use a child lock while setting the temperature to prevent unwanted changes.
  6. Remove your cookware after cooking so that your burners cool down fast.
  7. Use flat-bottom pans so that heat is distributed evenly.
  8. Never sit down or lie back foolishly on your stove as this will crack down the top.
  9. Routinely checking can make you aware of any kinds of defects in advance.
  10. Proper maintenance is another effective way to keep your glass stove top secure.

Any of the replacement and repair must be done by the professionals, even better if they are from the respective company.

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Users Opinion Regarding the Samsung Glass Stove Top Issues?

Users of Samsung glass stove tops have shown both positive and negative reviews regarding this cooking element. Here are some of their prospects for this stove burner – 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the error code on the Samsung glass stove top?

If the burner is unable to detect cookware, it will show an error code to make you aware.

Is there any warranty for the Samsung glass stove top?

Yes, there is. For this cooktop, Samsung will give you 5 years of warranty.

Why the Samsung glass stove top stay on high?

If the temperature is not set at high, it may occur due to the damaged infinity switch.

How can I reset my Samsung glass stove top?

Restart the power button or disconnect the power and restart it after 30 seconds.

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