You might suddenly notice that one of your Samsung electric stove burners is operating on high. The temperature may not come down even if you turn it down. There are several reasons for this issue.

The main reasons for Samsung electric stove burner stays on high are: a faulty infinite switch, damaged element receptacle, faulty control board, defective surface element, loose wire, grounding problem, and overheating.

Key Takeaway

Safety First: Always prioritize safety by turning off the stove and ensuring the burner is not in use before attempting any troubleshooting steps.
Inspect Components: Thoroughly examine the burner knob, control switch, temperature sensor, and power supply for any signs of damage or malfunction.
Follow Manufacturer Guidelines: Consult the user manual or contact Samsung customer support for specific troubleshooting instructions and recommended solutions.
Consider Professional Assistance: If troubleshooting steps fail to resolve the issue or if you’re uncomfortable with DIY repairs, seek assistance from a qualified technician to diagnose and fix the problem.
Samsung Electric Stove Burner Stays on High

7 Causes Why the Samsung Electric Stove Burner Stays on High (Fixes Included)

The following factors could be the reasons why your Samsung electric stove burner stays on high:

Faulty Infinite SwitchInspect and replace the faulty infinite switch.
Damaged Element ReceptacleChange the element receptacle.
Faulty Control BoardHire a technician to fix the malfunctioning control board.
Defective Surface ElementTake the cooktop and swap the defective surface element with a new one.
Loose WireFind the loose wire and connect it properly.
Grounding ProblemConnect the ground wire to the stove’s chassis using a ground.
OverheatingEnsure proper operation of the cooling fan and the ventilation system.

1. Faulty Infinite Switch

Within the Samsung Electric stoves is a variable resistor known as the infinite switch. It regulates the voltage applied to the heating element. The burner becomes hotter as you turn the knob to a higher level.

The burner may stay on high even after you turn it down if the infinite switch is faulty. This occurs as a result of the malfunctioning infinite switch.

The Fix:

If the infinite switch is damaged, it is not able to provide the control board with the proper signal. Additionally, you might observe that the burner is sporadically turning on and off.

To check, open up the rear panel of your Samsung electric stove burner. Now, take the infinite switch out and test it with a multimeter. You will have to replace the infinite switch if it is malfunctioning. It is an easy procedure.

2. Damaged Element Receptacle

The element receptacle joins the Samsung electric stove burner’s heating element. The burner may stay on high if the element receptacle is damaged.

This occurs as a result of the heating element and the defective element receptacle not creating a strong electrical connection.

The Fix:

You must replace a malfunctioning element receptacle to fix it. First, make sure the stove’s electricity is off.

You must take out the surface element to replace the element receptacle. A few screws hold the element receptacle. It is situated beneath the surface element, in place.

You can easily unplug the element receptacle from the wiring harness. Now, you should remove the screws and replace it with a new one.

3. Faulty Control Board

The Samsung electric stove burner’s main controls are located on the control board. It is in charge of communicating with all other parts. The surface elements, infinite switches, and element receptacles are all connected with it.

The burner may continue to run on high if the control board is malfunctioning. This is because the control board sends incorrect signals to the other parts. Occasionally, the burner might not light up at all.

The Fix:

You will have to replace a malfunctioning control board. You will need expertise in electrical hardware for this repair. So, it is crucial to get a skilled appliance repair professional to complete it.

4. Defective Surface Element

Under the cooktop is the heating element known as the surface element. It has a ceramic insulator encircling it and is constructed of a metal coil. This metal coil may become defective.

The burner may remain on high if there is a problem with the surface element. This is due to the uneven heating of the problematic surface element.

The Fix:

A defective surface piece will require replacement to be fixed. Even if it’s a more complicated repair, you can still perform it yourself.

First, take the cooktop apart to replace the surface element. It’s easy to dismantle the surface element. Now, you should swap it out with a new one after removing the cooktop.

5. Loose Wire

If there is a loose wire, there is a possibility that the Samsung electric stove burner stays on high. This occurs as a result of the unsecured wire’s poor electrical connection.

This is one of the most common issues with older Samsung electric stove burners. The wires may become loose as you use the stove burner more often.

The Fix:

To address a loose wire in your Samsung electric stove burner, follow these steps:

  • At the breaker box, cut the stove’s electricity.
  • Now, take out the surface element.
  • You must find the loose cable.
  • Adjust the screw terminal holding the wire in position.
  • Now, you should replace the wire if it is damaged.
  • If it is loose, be sure to connect it tightly.
  • Finally, reattach the surface element.
  • Restore power to the stove and check if it works correctly.

6. Grounding Problem

For the stove to not cause electrical issues, it must be properly grounded. One of the many issues that might arise from an improperly grounded stove is the burner sticking on high.

The Fix:

You must ground the stove correctly to correct faulty grounding. Follow these actions:

  • Turn off the stove’s electricity from the breaker box.
  • Find the ground wire. Typically, the ground line is bare or green copper wire.
  • Verify the ground wire’s correct connection to the stove’s chassis.
  • If the ground wire is not attached correctly, you should attach it to the stove’s chassis.
  • Use a ground lug and a ground wire screw to attach it.
  • Now, turn the stove back on.

7. Overheating

Your Samsung electric stove burner might continue to run on high if it is overheating. The stove’s inability to adequately disperse heat is the reason behind this.

In such a case, the stove’s other burners may be malfunctioning. The stove’s automatic shut-off feature might also be noticeable to you.

The Fix:

Finding and addressing the overheating’s source is necessary to stop it from happening.

You will need to enhance the ventilation if the stove is not ventilated appropriately. You will have to replace the cooling fan if it’s not operating properly.

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How to Replace Samsung Electric Stove’s Infinite Switch?

You will need some tools to replace the infinite switch of the Samsung electric stove. These are:

  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • New infinite switch
  • Wire strippers

Now, follow this step-by-step guide:

  • First, cut the Samsung electric stove’s power.
  • Now, take out the surface element. You should loosen the screws holding the element to the cooktop to accomplish this. After that, carefully remove the piece.
  • Now, find the infinite switch. It is often situated close to the element receptacle.
  • You must cut the cables that link to the infinite switch. To remove the screws holding the wires to the switch in place, use the flathead screwdriver. After that, carefully remove the cables from the switch.
  • Now, take out the infinite switch. To remove the screws holding the switch to the cooktop in place, use the Phillips head screwdriver. After that, gently lift the switch out of its position.
  • Put the new endless switch in place. Align the switch with the holes. You should use the Phillips head screwdriver to firmly insert the replacement switch into the holes in the cooktop.
  • Now, reattach the cables to the infinite switch. You must tighten the screws holding the wires to the switch in place using the flathead screwdriver.
  • Connect the surface component. Be sure to carefully lower the part into position and tighten the screws.
  • Finally, you should turn the stove back on and check that the infinite switch is functioning properly.

If you are facing any difficulties, look at this video for visual guidance.

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Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

What is the price of replacing the infinite switch?

A new infinite switch should cost you between $20 and $50. 

How much time does it take to swap out the infinite switch? 

You can replace it within 10-20 minutes. 

Can I use a Samsung electric burner stove if it becomes stuck on high?

No, don’t use it till the problem is fixed. 

Can I disconnect the stove to turn it off?


What dangers come with using an electric stove stuck on high?

The food could burn if the burner gets too hot. It might start a fire as well.The food could burn if the burner gets too hot. It might start a fire as well.

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