Kucht is a well-known brand that specializes in kitchen appliances and manufactures a variety of elegant and superior goods for both home and business use. The company Kucht Professional mostly manufactures Kucht kitchen appliances

Now, let’s dive into the world of Kucht appliances and who makes Kucht appliances throughout this article. 

Key Takeaway

Kucht Appliances are made by Kucht Corporation.
They specialize in high-end kitchen appliances including ranges, ovens, and cooktops.
Kucht products are known for their premium quality and innovative features.
The company aims to provide professional-grade appliances for home kitchens.
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About the Manufacturer: Who makes Kucht appliances?

It has been mentioned earlier that Kucht Professional manufactures Kucht appliances. Now, question is ‘when did they start their business?’ In 2007, Kucht Professional started their journey in making Kucht kitchen appliances.

Clifton, New Jersey is home to Kucht’s headquarters. In the field of professional-grade ranges and kitchen appliances, Kucht is becoming well-known.

Kucht uses high-quality materials for all of their appliances, including cast iron cooking grates, porcelain tops, and thick stainless steel. 

Where Are Kucht Appliances Made?

The main office of Kucht Professional is located in Clifton, New Jersey. They claim that they focus on quality, design, and utility while designing and developing their appliances in the US.

Components for their appliances come from “around the globe,” according to Kucht, including China, Italy, Spain, Germany, and the United States. 

They place a strong emphasis on strict quality control protocols both at the manufacturing sites and when customers arrive at their New Jersey plant.

What Types of Appliances Does Kucht Have?

For your kitchen, Kucht Professional provides a large selection of premium equipment designed professionally. Now let’s learn more about each appliance: 

Kucht Range 

Kucht’s ranges frequently have dual-fuel or gas burners combined with electric ovens. To fit diverse kitchen designs, they are available in a variety of sizes and styles. 

Cooking turns more efficient with professional-grade features including convection ovens, strong burners, and heavy-duty grates.

One example of a fine Range from Kucht is Kucht KFX 480. This model comes in design, high performance, and safety, with a modern and elegant design for your kitchen. 

Well-known Models:

Kucht KFX 480 

Kutch KED 484

Kutch KNF 481

Kucht Range Hood

Range hoods from Kucht are made to go well with their cooktops and ranges. These hoods are necessary to rid the cooking area of oil, smoke, and smells. 

They are available in several designs, such as under-cabinet and wall-mounted models, and can have integrated lighting and fan speeds that you can easily adjust. 

KRH483A-C GEMSTONE is a game changer for your kitchen needs. 

The deep, dark stainless steel color of Gemstone not only blends in perfectly with the polished, clean look of your range, but it also gives your kitchen a hint of luxury.

Well-known Models:



Kucht Refrigerators

Kucht refrigerators enhance the appearance of any kitchen with their professional-grade aesthetics and elegant stainless steel finish.

Their side-by-side and French door variants provide lots of storage space along with flexible shelves and sections for effective management.

With excellent features, the Kucht K748FDS-K is a wonderful option.

There are 26.1 cubic feet in this chic 36-inch French door refrigerator. This model’s Temperature Management System (TMS) aids in preserving the flavor and texture of your freshest food. 

Well-known models:

Kucht K748FDS-K 

Kucht KR365FD

Kucht KR360SD

Kucht Dishwashers

Dishwashers from Kucht can effectively clean and disinfect dishes. 

Several wash cycles, adaptable racks for adaptable loading, and functions including delays in starting and energy-saving operation are possible features.

Numerous consumers claim that Kucht dishwashers produce exceptionally good cleaning results, leaving dishes spotless. 

With its dual filter systems and increased capacity, the Kucht K6502 ensures unspoken operation (46dBA) in open areas. 

To quickly meet your needs, it has three spray arms, an intelligent wash system, movable racks, and a third cutlery rack. 

Well-known Models:

Kucht K6502


Kucht K7740D

Kucht Wall-oven

Kucht’s wall ovens give a sleek and modern look to any kitchen and come in a variety of finishes, including black stainless and stainless steel.

Additionally, their wall ovens have a big cooking capacity that can accommodate several dishes at once as well as large roasts and turkeys.

KWO620 Double Electric Oven can be a great recommendation.  At the same time, you can bake, grill, or warm at two distinct temperatures provided by this electric wall oven.

Some Models are:

KWO620 Double Electric Oven

Kucht KWO310 Single Electric Oven

How Good Are Kucht Appliances?

The secret to Kucht’s success is its laser-like focus on product longevity and great design, combined with meticulous care for manufacturing,  and service to clients.

Let’s see how good Kuchr appliances are:

Excellent Design and Material Quality 

Kucht appliances have a reputation for making a dramatic impression in the kitchen by fusing sleek, modern design with professional-grade functionality. 

Their attention to detail, use of high-quality materials, and distinct industrial edge set them apart from the competition.

Also, for a sophisticated and practical experience, Kucht includes considerate elements like integrated LED lighting, smooth edges, and hidden controls.

People mostly ask for Kucht range reviews. It is worth noting for them that Kucht ranges come with heavy-duty stainless steel, thick iron cooking grates, and porcelain-coated ovens. These features give Kucht ranges their upscale appearance.

Professional-Level Performance: 

Kucht Appliances strives to provide a cooking experience that is comparable to that of professional kitchens in terms of performance. 

For professional cooks, Kucht ranges with high-BTU burners provide powerful heat for searing, stir-frying, and boiling. For the highest level of accuracy and control, some versions even have dual-ring burners.

Kucht appliances also come with safety features like child locks and automatic shut-off. For home and professional chefs alike, they provide ease of security.


In terms of affordability, Kucht appliances hold a special place. They are typically less expensive than well-known high-end brands while yet providing pro-style functionality and contemporary designs. 

While kitchen ranges from many well-known brands cost between $5,800 and $15,000 or more, Kucht’s offerings fall between $2,565 and $7,490.

Customer Satisfaction

Kucht appliances are highly praised by customers for their powerful ranges, uniform cooking, and cutting-edge features like steam cleaning and convection ovens. Some claim that they offer performance on par with that of professionals at lower prices.

Some consumers believe Kucht provides attractive value for its features and appearance as compared to well-known high-end brands.

Kucht Appliances Price List

Here is the price list for various Kucht Appliances:

Kucht AppliancesPrice range
Kucht’s Ranges$2,565 and $7,490
Kutch Dishwashers $980.00 to $1,099.00 
Kucht’s wall ovens$2,711.50 to $3,190.00
Kucht Refrigerators$2,770.00to $ 7,440.00
Kucht Range hoods$1,290 to $2,200.00

Who Makes Kucht Appliances – FAQs

How long has Kucht been in business?

With a focus on designing stylish yet functional kitchen appliances for every American home, Kucht Professional has been in operation since 2007.

Is Kucht a good brand?

Since every Kucht model is CSA-approved, you can be sure that Kucht products meet all applicable requirements in the USA and Canada. You can get the best that KUCHT has to offer because all of the items are subject to dual quality control!

How long is the product warranty?

In the United States, KUCHT products are covered by a 4-year labor warranty; in Canada, it is two years.

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