Zline has become a very well known name in the world of home appliances. It offers many types of home appliances. It has become a first choice for many customers. Zline is known for their aesthetic and reliability in the home appliance sector. 

As a consumer, you might be wondering about who makes Zline appliances. We are here to answer your question. Zline appliances are made by themselves. In this article, we will look into the world of Zline appliances and their manufacturing. 

Key Takeaway

Zline Appliances are made by Zline Kitchen and Bath.
The company is committed to providing innovative solutions for modern kitchens.
Zline products are known for their stylish designs and durable construction.
They specialize in high-quality kitchen appliances, including ranges, hoods, and dishwashers.
Who Makes Zline Appliances

What Appliances Zline Makes?

ZLINE’s appliance lineup has expanded considerably since its founding in 2007. They presently provide a wide variety of kitchen and bathroom goods. Here is a list of the various types of ZLINE appliances out there:

Cooking Appliances: 

Ranges:  Include Zline ranges that can run on gas, electricity, or both. ZLINE ranges can be found in a number of sizes and styles to suit your cooking needs and kitchen decor. They’ve added strong burners and huge ovens to their stoves. They come with facilities such as griddles and air fryers. 

Cooktops: ZLINE offers gas, electric, and induction cooktops in a variety of designs and textures for individuals who like them separately from wall-mounted ovens.

Microwaves: ZLINE microwaves blend utility and design, with over-the-range, countertop, and storage models available. Some versions include built-in convection ovens.

Refrigerator: ZLINE refrigerators are available in a variety of styles, including counter-depth, built-in, and French door options. They additionally contain advanced cooling systems, spacious interiors, and elegant looks. 

Wine Coolers: ZLINE provides elegant and efficient wine coolers that enable you to retain your favorite wines. They can be purchased in a range of shapes and powers.

Ventilation system: ZLINE’s range hoods serve as the base for their ventilation solutions. They offer a variety of designs, finishes, and efficiency rates to suit any kitchen design and cooking requirements.

Other Appliances: 

• ZLINE dishwashers provide great cleaning outcomes, minimal noise, and a beautiful appearance. They also have multiple wash cycles, movable racks, and stainless steel bodies. 

• ZLINE faucets offer design and utility to kitchens as well as bathrooms. They are available in a range of textures and designs.  

• Add a ZLINE sink to your kitchen. They come in a variety of substances, including stainless steel and fireclay.

Who makes Zline Appliances? 

ZLINE is a family-owned company based in Reno, Nevada. Andrew Zuro founded Zline in Reno, Nevada, in 2007.  ZLINE began with a bold concept of providing professional-grade, luxury appliances at affordable prices. They first focused on range hoods. 

Zline actually operate independently.  Zline was Founded by Andrew Zuro, they design and engineer their own luxury kitchen and bath appliances. They also have their manufacturing plants.  

Though the company also have partnership with several other well known manufacturers in the USA, this allows them to use high-quality components while controlling costs and also can offer competitive pricing.

Where is Zline Appliances made? 

ZLINE appliances have a unique strategy to manufacturing their products, combining their own facilities with strategic collaborations. Zline’s design and engineering staff is based mainly in the US. ZLINE’s dedicated team members in Reno, Nevada, designs and engineers all of their appliances.


1. ZLINE owns their manufacturing plant in China. The majority of their appliances are manufactured at their own facilities.

2. ZLINE collaborates with specialized manufacturing partners worldwide to improve its products.

Where does Zline get its Parts and Materials?

ZLINE acquires parts and materials from a variety of locations in order to optimize quality and cost. Zline receives majority of its parts and supplies from various areas in the United States. 

ZLINE uses quality materials from Italy and Germany. Imported materials include Italian marble and German engineering parts to enhance elegance and performance.

Which is the Best Zline Appliance?

Selecting the best ZLINE appliance is dependent on a variety of factors, including your specific needs, tastes, and budget. You can find zline reviews online to see which product is worth your money. Here is a list of some of the greatest appliances from Zline in different categories:

Overall Performance:

• The ZLINE Autograph Edition 48-inch twin Fuel Range (RAZ-48-CB) has strong gas burners, a big twin electric oven, and a luxury look. It costs $12,499.95. 

Value for Money:

• The ZLINE 30-inch Gas Cooktop (GC-30) has strong burners, solid stainless steel buildup, and a stylish appearance at an affordable price. The cost is: $799.99.

Best Appearance:

 • The ZLINE 30-inch Dual Fuel Professional Range (RD-30) blends professional-grade performance with a vintage-inspired appearance, with brass accents and exquisite knobs. It’s an ideal combination of usefulness and flair. Cost is $4,899.99. 

Ideal for Small Spaces:

• The ZLINE 24-inch Gas Range (RG-24) features strong burners and a big oven, making it suitable for tiny kitchens or flats. Cost is $2,399.99. 

Luxury Appliances:

• The ZLINE 72-inch French Door Refrigerator (RF-72) offers unique features such as Wi-Fi connection, a built-in water dispenser, and configurable shelves. Cost is $6,399.99.

Does Zline Provide Warranty for their Appliances? 

Yes, ZLINE offers warranties on their appliances. In reality, they offer two warranty choices: basic limited warranty and extended warranty.

The Standard Limited Warranty:

It includes all ZLINE appliances for one year from the day of purchasing. It covers the repair or replacement of damaged parts owing to manufacturing or material faults. However, it does not cover decorative damage, regular wear and tear, harm caused by overuse or incorrect setup, or natural calamities. The ZLINE website allows you to register your appliance for the basic warranty within 30 days of purchase.

Extended Warranty:

You can buy an extended warranty either from ZLINE or via an authorized reseller. Typically, an extended warranty provides coverage for an extra two, three, or a maximum of five years in addition to the standard warranty period. It may also provide extra benefits like as protection for particular parts, on-site support, or power outages.

The ZLINE website provides full information regarding the regular warranty terms and conditions, as well as the several extended warranty options available. Before making a purchase or filing a warranty claim, make sure you thoroughly read the warranty paperwork.

Is ZLINE a good Brand?

ZLINE is well-known for producing high-quality appliances made of long-lasting materials and craftsmanship. They source parts and supplies from Germany, Italy, and the United States. In comparison to other high-end companies, ZLINE is frequently seen as cheaper, providing “possible luxury.” Many people have reported great experiences with zline customer service, which is friendly and attentive. 

Who Makes Zline Appliances: FAQs

Who owns ZLINE appliances?

–  ZLINE is a family-owned company based in Reno, Nevada, founded in 2007 by Andrew Zuro.

Where are ZLINE appliances manufactured?

–  ZLINE has its own manufacturing facilities in China. 

Are ZLINE appliances considered luxury?

–  Yes, ZLINE positions itself as a luxury appliance brand. They offer high-quality materials, unique designs, and powerful features in their appliances.

What warranty do ZLINE appliances come with?

– ZLINE offers a 1-year standard warranty covering material and workmanship defects. 

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