Empava is a well-known brand because of the wide range of kitchen appliances it provides, particularly for food preparation and cooking. However, do you know, who makes Empava Appliances? 

Empava Household Appliances is a reputable manufacturer that creates Empava’s chic and modern household appliances. 

Let’s dive deeper into this article to learn more about the company that produces Empava appliances and their line-ups.

Who makes Empava appliances
Who makes Empava appliances

About the Manufacturer: Who makes Empava appliances

The company that makes Empava appliances goes by the name EMPAVA Household Appliances.

Originally, Ricky Cheng launched the business in 2015 intending to give customers access to premium kitchen appliances. 

Since its founding, Empava Appliances has established itself as a brand identified with premium style and long-lasting dependability in California.

Considering some of the names it competes with, Empava is a relative newcomer to the appliance sector, having launched its first product in 2016.

Ranges, cooktops, and ovens are among the kitchen appliances that Empava Appliances is well-known for producing. 


Where Are Empava Appliances Made?

Empava obtains some of its appliance parts from manufacturers in Europe and engineers the rest of its parts in the United States. 

Following quality inspection, the appliances arrive together at a Chinese plant owned by Empava. It guarantees that the assembly procedure meets their high requirements.


What Types of Appliances Does Empava Have?

To satisfy your kitchen needs Empava provides a selection of high-end kitchen appliances. Among the appliances are Ranges, cooktops, wall ovens, and so on. 

Let’s see different appliances from Empava:

Empava Cooktops

Electric and gas cooktops are both coming from Empava for your kitchen. These come in a range of sizes and combinations to accommodate different kitchen designs and culinary styles.

One example of a fine cooktop from Empava is Empava 30GC38 30 in. Built-in Gas Stove Cooktop. 

This product has a two-year manufacturer’s warranty based in the US and was created and engineered in the USA. 

You will have a dependable cooktop for many years to come thanks to stainless steel surfaces that are resistant to heat damage and stains.

Well-known models:

Empava 30GC38 30 in. Built-in Gas Stove Cooktop

Empava 36EC01 36 Inch 5 Elements Black Induction Cooktop

Empava 30EC04 30 Inch Black Electric Stove Induction Cooktop

Empava Ranges

Ranges from Empava come with ovens and cooktops built into one. They provide both electric and gas ranges, which may include slide-in and freestanding models.

Get an Empava 30GR06 30 Inch Freestanding Range Gas Cooktop And Oven, one of the top-rated Empava Gas ranges. 

It has a high-quality brushed stainless steel composition and blends cutting-edge cooking technology with contemporary design. 

This model has an LCD touch timer with a maximum duration of 11 hours and 59 minutes. It can work well the whole time for preheating, baking, defrosting, and broiling.

Well-known models:

Empava 30GR06 30 Inch Freestanding Range Gas Cooktop And Oven

Empava IDCF9 36 in Electric Stove Induction Cooktop

Empava Wall Ovens

You can get both single and double-wall ovens from Empava.  The purpose of these ovens is to cook food, including baking and roasting.

For even heat distribution, certain models could have cutting-edge features like convection cooking.

Empava 24 in. An electric single-wall oven in Stainless Steel (24WOB14) is a top choice that comes with great features. 

Well-known models:

Empava 24 in. Electric Single Wall Oven in Stainless Steel (24WOB14)

Empava 30″ 30WO05 Electric Double Wall Oven

Empava Range Hoods

Range hoods designed by Empava arrive to match their cooktops and ranges. Through the removal of steam, smoke, and cooking smells, range hoods aid in kitchen ventilation. 

It’s interesting to note that Empava’s elegantly built Ducted Island Mount Range Hood can accommodate a 400 CFM fan.

Also, it has the Ultra-Quiet Motor’s ability to provide enough airflow while producing noise levels under 65 decibels.

Well-known models:

Empava 30RH01 30 in. Ducted 500 CFM Under Cabinet Range Hood

Ducted Island Mount Range Hood

Empava 36RH02 36 in. Ducted 500 CFM Under Cabinet Range Hood

Empava Pizza Oven

The pizza ovens from Empava are the ideal fusion of design and functionality.

Empava has recreated the classic brick oven experience in its pizza ovens to create an authentic Italian pizza.  

Also, you may minimize the amount of wood used and still produce pizzas with the crispiest crusts, maintaining the maximum nutritious content of fruits and vegetables, and a quick preheating time. 

Some models are:

Empava PG03 Outdoor Wood Fired and Gas Pizza Oven 

Empava Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza Oven in Stainless Steel (PG01)

How Good Are Empava Appliances?

Empava’s success is a result of its careful attention to production, delivery, and customer support while maintaining a laser-like focus on product lifetime and brilliant design.

Let’s examine the quality of the Empava appliances:

Excellent Building and Material Quality 

The sleek and contemporary designs and building of Empava appliances tend to get praise.

Depending on the particular model, the brand may include novelties like touch controls and sophisticated cooking technology.

For example, Empava will provide you with premium stainless steel and sturdy four wheels to ensure that your backyard oven lasts a long time and looks perfect.


Professional-Level Performance: 

Several variables, including heat distribution, temperature control, and cooking efficiency evaluate the cooking performance of cooking appliances. 

Empava kitchen appliances prove to be dependable and consistent in their cooking outcomes by the customers from the beginning.

An example would be the EMPAVA 30GR03 30-inch Freestanding Range Gas Cooktop and Oven. 

This range lets you make great dishes and delicate sauces since it has two strong 18,000 BTU burners, a 15,000 BTU burner, and a 12,000 BTU burner.


The core of Empava’s pricing approach is to eliminate needless stages from the design, production, display, and delivery processes. 

Customers on a tight budget looking for high-quality kitchen equipment may find Empava very tempting.

While Kitchen ranges from many known companies come at $5,800 and $15,000 +, Empava offers range around $1,584.34 to $3,338.96. 

Customer Satisfaction

Empava offers kitchen appliances that come with great buildings, designs, and prices. After going here and there, many people find Empava appliances their final choice. 

By choosing Empava, you are putting your trust in a company that prioritizes quality in all of its appliances.

Empava Appliances Price List

Here is the price list for various Empava Appliances:

Empava AppliancesPrice range
Empava Cooktops$213.47 to $2,104.37
Empava Ranges$1,584.34 to $3,338.96.
Empava Wall-ovens$478.99 to $2,560.08
Empava Range hoods$210.50 to $483.99
Empava Pizza Ovens$1,628.91 to $1,973.74
Empava Appliances Price List

Who Makes Empava Appliances – FAQs

Who makes Empava ranges?

The Empava brand belongs to Empava Appliances Inc. It is a 2015-founded family business with headquarters in America.

The business operates out of its Hacienda Heights, California, headquarters.

How to clean the surface of the gas cooktop?

Use a soft cloth and mild soapy water to clean surfaces made of stainless steel. 

Use a dry cloth to clean up acid spills such as those from fruit juice, milk, and tomatoes.

Don’t use steel wool pads, oven cleaners, powdered cleaners, and other rough cleaning products to clean your cooktop.

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