Blomberg is a very popular name in the world of home appliances. It offers many types of home appliances.

It has been a common household name around the world for its products. Blomberg is known for their innovation and reliability in the home appliance sector. 

As a consumer, you might be wondering about who makes Blomberg appliances. We are here to answer your question

Blomberg appliances are made by Arçelik. In this article, we will look into the world of Blomberg appliances and their maker Arçelik. 

Who makes Blomberg appliances
Who makes Blomberg appliances

History of Blomberg

Blomberg is a very old name in the home appliances sector. It is still known as a reliable German home appliance brand.

Blomberg was established in 1883 by its founder Bernhard Blomberg in Germany.  It left its original metallurgy business in 1935 to establish a home appliance distribution channel.  It started its home appliance production in 1949.

Blomberg introduced Germany’s first laundry machine with outside balance adjustment in 1979. In 1981, it produced the first fully automatic washing machine.

Blomberg was acquired by Arçelik in 2002. Since then it has launched its second generation of products in the market.

Who makes Blomberg appliances?

Blomberg is a subsidiary of the Turkish brand Arçelik. Arçelik manufactures all the products of Blomberg.

They are a well-known Turkish multinational household appliance manufacturing company.    

Arçelik was established in 1955. It produced its first washing machine in 1959 and its first refrigerator in 1960 at its manufacturing plant in Istanbul.

It has been expanding its business ever since. Now it is one of the biggest household appliance manufacturers in the world.


Where are Blomberg appliances made?

Blomberg appliances are made in factories of Arçelik. The company operates 15 production plants in Turkey, Romania, Russia, China, South Africa and Thailand. 

These manufacturing plants produce refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, cooking appliances, and other home appliance components for Arçelik and its subsidiary brands around the globe.

Types of Blomberg appliances:

Blomberg offers different types of home appliances according to the needs of their customer. They are known to be innovative and offer reliable products in different categories.

Some of their products are:

1. Blomberg Refrigerators:

Blomberg offers different types of refrigerators for their customers. They have introduced advanced cooling technologies and stylish designs in their refrigerators. They offer French door, bottom-freezer, and top-freezer models.

 2. Blomberg Washing Machines:

Blomberg introduced the washing machine in the German market in 1979. Their washing machines are designed for the ultimate care of your laundry.

Blomberg washing machines have Multiple washing modes, AquaStop technology, quiet operation, energy-saving features, etc.

3. Blomberg Dishwashers:

Blomberg dishwashers are known for their efficiency in cleaning. They have adjustable racks for better operation.

Blomberg dishwasher offers Sensor-controlled operation, flexible loading options, Aqua Intense technology, energy efficiency, etc.

4. Blomberg Cooking Appliances:

Blmberg cooking appliances offer many features such as precise cooking control, innovative oven technologies, induction cooktop options, and sleek designs for a better culinary experience.

They are designed for professional-level cooking experience in your home.

 5. Blomberg Freezers:

Blomberg freezers offer Energy-efficient freezing, frost-free operation, adjustable shelves, stylish exteriors, etc.

These freezers can be used as extra storage with existing refrigerators for extra space. They offer advanced freezing technology in their freezers.

6. Blomberg Ventilation Systems:

Blomberg uses technologies like Efficient smoke and odor removal, multiple fan speed options, and modern designs in their ventilation systems.

Their ventilation system includes range hoods and vent hoods which are essential to maintain a fresh and clean kitchen environment. 

 7. Blomberg Compact Appliances:

Blomberg also offers compact appliance solutions for kitchens with little space. This includes compact refrigerators, washers, and dryers designed to fit cleverly into smaller living spaces.

8. Blomberg Wine Coolers:

For people who love wine Blomberg offers wine coolers designed to preserve and showcase their wine collections.

Blomberg wine coolers offer dual temperature zones, vibration-free storage, UV-protected glass, and sleek designs.

 9. Blomberg Laundry Centers:

Blomberg offers laundry centers that combine a washer and dryer in a single unit. It makes Blomberg laundry centers suitable for homes with little space. These units are designed for efficient and compact laundry care.

10. Blomberg Built-in Appliances:

Blomberg offers built-in appliances for your home.  It includes ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers designed to seamlessly integrate into your kitchen cabinetry. 

Blomberg built-in appliances offer intuitive controls and coordination with kitchen aesthetics for a better look in your kitchen.


Blomberg’s Green Initiatives

A good aspect of Blomberg Appliances is their commitment to sustainability. Blomberg appliances incorporate energy-efficient technologies to reduce environmental impact and lower utility costs for consumers. 

From the choice of materials to manufacturing processes, Blomberg uses eco-friendly practices.

The use of recyclable materials and efforts to minimize waste contribute to a more sustainable product lifecycle.

Does Blomberg provide warranty?  

Yes, Blomberg offers warranties for their appliances, with both basic and extended warranty choices. 

Standard Warranty: Blomberg provides a 3-year manufacturer’s guarantee on most of their equipment. This includes parts and labor for repairs or replacements due to faulty materials or workmanship. 

Extended Warranty: Purchase extended warranties from Blomberg or a third-party source. These often provide longer-term coverage, often up to 5 or 10 years. 

Built-in Appliances : Some Blomberg built-in appliances purchased from Euronics agents provide a five-year warranty upon registration.

This instantly activates a ten-year warranty on the Optima Inverter Motor, a premium component featured in some models. 

Additional factors to consider

Registration: To activate the warranty on your Blomberg appliance, register it within 30 days of purchase. This can be done both online and by mail. 

Service and Support: Blomberg offers a network of approved service experts to fix broken appliances. The Blomberg website features a list of authorized technicians for the services. 

Who makes Blomberg appliances: FAQs

Are Blomberg appliances energy-efficient?

Yes, Blomberg appliances are known for their energy efficiency. They use technologies to minimize environmental impact and reduce utility costs.

Which country makes Blomberg?

Blomberg is a well-known German brand. Their products are made in different factories around the world.

Are Blomberg dishwashers water-efficient?

Yes, Blomberg dishwashers are designed with water-saving technologies that help in efficient cleaning while using less water.

Is Blomberg a good brand?

Blomberg is a well known German brand which is known for its innovation and reliability. 

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