Viking appliances are recognized for their professional-grade outcomes, cutting-edge innovation, and elegant design, and they provide a wide selection of items for home kitchens.

Viking appliances differ in several respects than other home appliance companies. 

The company’s mission is to build features that interest its consumers while incorporating established commercial technology.

When exploring Viking appliances, it’s natural to wonder who makes Viking appliances. 

Viking appliances are made by Vikings Range LLC under Middleby Corporation at Greenwood, Mississippi, USA. In this article, we’ll explore more about the Vikings Company and its appliances. 

Who Makes Viking Appliances

Who Makes Viking Appliances?

Viking Range LLC offers commercial-style equipment for domestic kitchens. Its initial product was a commercial-style range created by inventor Fred Carl Jr to meet his wife’s request for a heavy-duty, classic-looking stainless-steel range in their new house.

While the original Viking ranges were manufactured by contractors, in 1989 Viking chose to take control of the production process by creating its facilities.

Carl picked his hometown of Greenwood, Mississippi, as the location for his company’s production plants to create new employment for the community there.

Since its acquisition in 2012, Middleby Corp, a producer of industrial cooking and processing equipment, has sustained and transformed the 36-year-old brand.

The Vikings Company is currently manufacturing items under the Middleby Corporation. Viking has three production sites and a distribution facility, employing roughly 650 people.

What Appliances Vikings Brand Make?

Here are some of the kitchen appliances manufactured by Viking Company:

1. Freestanding Ranges: 

Expert ranges with strong burners and accurate temperature management. Viking makes a total of four kinds of freestanding ranges: Tuscany, 7 Series, 5 Series, and 3 Series. Each of them has its unique design and abilities.

2. Ovens:

Vikings Ovens provide unmatched simplicity, power, and performance. They also provide full-throttle industrial cooking capability and have the largest oven capacities in the industry.

3. Refrigerators:

Viking Refrigerators offer adjustable shelves, temperature control, and ample storage space for both fresh and frozen meals.

4. Dishwashers:

The sleek and powerful Viking dishwashers are intended to work alongside Viking’s other appliances, providing efficient and dependable cleaning.

5. Cooktops:

Built-in cooktops offer expert performance right where you need it. Cook tops fit flawlessly into islands and counters, strategically supplying all of the BTUs you could need.

6. Microwaves:

Viking provides a professional microwave that can complement any kitchen with its extra-large capacity.

Viking microwaves contain everything, including preset settings and recipes, as well as warm/hold functions.

7. Ventilation items:

Vikings also provides ventilation equipment for the kitchen, such as wall hoods, chimney hoods, custom ventilator systems, etc.

8. Outdoor items:

Vikings produce both indoor and outdoor kitchen technology. It involves outdoor kitchen, refrigeration, ventilation, and cabinetry technology.   

Check Viking appliances website for updates on their latest products –                                             

Where are Viking appliances made?

Viking is based in Greenwood, Mississippi, United States. Viking produces the majority of its ultra-premium equipment in Greenwood, which includes ranges, cooktops, ovens, refrigeration, ventilation, and outdoor items.

Viking’s expansion has contributed to the redevelopment of downtown Greenwood. 

It appears that with each business development, another old structure is repaired.

The Viking offices are distributed over Greenwood, with several of them being on the National Register of Historic Places. 

Viking has won the “Best Places to Work in Mississippi” award from the Mississippi Business Journal an unprecedented ten times, most recently in 2017.


Is Vikings a High-End Brand? How Good this Brand is?

The Viking name is well-known across the world as the leading brand in the high-end appliance market, and it is distributed and sold via a global network of premium appliance dealers.

It is dedicated to providing unique product design, outstanding performance, and exceptional quality. 

Many well-known chefs, celebrities, and designers worldwide choose Viking to be their preferred brand. As a result, Viking appears in several television series and films, as well as famous houses.

Viking offers a two-year warranty and five years of limited manufacturer coverage. Viking’s brand is luxurious and all-encompassing.

You may furnish your house from top to bottom with quality appliances that complement an Italian countryside or city style.

While the price tag is considered high-end, with prices often exceeding $15,000, Viking appliances are built to last with the customer in mind.

Viking appliances come in a variety of sizes, colors, and combinations to accommodate any kitchen design or cooking style.


Since 2013, Viking has developed over 200 unique and award-winning items. 

To make conditions better, the Viking has been incorporated with Middleby’s innovative mindset, which aspires to provide the best in class goods, service, and support.

Viking is now prioritizing consistent product advancements, quick customer service, and quality innovation.

Who Makes Viking Appliances: FAQs

Do Viking appliances come with warranty?

Viking appliances often have a limited, mostly two years warranty that includes parts and labor.

Are Vikings appliances made in the USA?

Yes, Vikings appliances are made in Greenwood, Mississippi, USA.

Does Viking Range Corporation provide customizing choices for their appliances?

Yes, Viking Range Corporation offers customization possibilities for some of its appliances, allowing consumers to modify their choices to their tastes and kitchen design.

Is Viking range a good brand?

Viking appliances are recognized for their professional-grade effectiveness, creative technology, and elegant design, and they provide a wide selection of items for home kitchens.

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