A variety of appliances are available from the Avanti brand, which specializes in small and room-saving options for a variety of environments. 

The Miami, Florida, USA-based company Avanti Products is in charge of manufacturing and producing Avanti appliances. 

Let’s see through this article that makes Avanti appliances in detail and what appliances Avanti offers for their customers. 

Who makes Avanti appliances Appliances that are a great deal for your kitchen

About the Manufacturer: Who makes Avanti appliances?

The company Avanti, which makes Avanti appliances, was founded in 1972. Originally a modest Californian business, Avanti met the rising need for small appliances in offices, residences, and other spaces where space was limited.

Avanti was motivated by creativity and a profound awareness of spatial obstacles.

Also, they concentrated on producing elegant, practical, and high-quality appliances that made the most of every inch of space.

At its headquarters, Avanti has a service network that helps with sales support, customer service, and warranty repair management.


Where Are Avanti Appliances Made?

Avanti Appliances is based in Weston, Florida, and has three distribution centers specifically for that purpose. They also have over 7,000 partners in North and Central America.

Thus, based on the headquarters, Avanti designs and manufactures appliances in Doral, Florida.

The appliances consist of wine refrigerators, freezers, ranges, microwaves, ice makers, water dispensers, refrigerators, freezers, and laundry appliances.


What Types of Appliances Does Avanti Have?

Renowned for its innovative ways to save space, Avanti provides a wide selection of appliances to meet different needs. 

Let’s meet the variety of Avanti appliances:

Avanti Refrigerators

Compact refrigerators are Avanti’s specialty; their range of sizes and combinations is ideal for small kitchens, studio apartments, and other living spaces.

Consider the instance of SAR14N1B-110. Its 1.4 cubic foot superconductor allows you to keep your favorite food and beverages close at hand. 

If you need a little additional refrigerator space, this ideal commercial-grade small fridge is great for the workplace, dorm, bar, bedroom, or any other place.

Avanti’s RA45B3S is also a good choice. Its reversible two-door construction and small size make it suitable for any space. 


Along with storing condiments and other items, the door shelves can hold a 2-liter bottle and six 12-ounce cans.

Well-known models:

Avanti SAR14N1B-110RA45B3S

Avanti RA45B3S

Avanti FFBM92H1B

Avanti Ranges

Small kitchens or counter spaces are perfect for Avanti ranges, which come in a variety of sizes and with both gas and electric burner options.

For you, GR2013CSS might be a suitable choice. If you need to save room in a small kitchen, this ideal compact gas range is suitable for the office, studio apartment, RV, condo, or any other location. 

The oven features a broiler that includes a broiling pan and a storage drawer at the bottom.

With four coil burners (three 6″ and one 8″), the ERU200P0W electric range is also a fantastic value.

Well-known models:

Avanti GR2013CSS

Avanti ERU200P0W

Avanti Washing Machine 

Avanti washing machines are less expensive than many well-known brands, particularly the compact models.

Essential features including adjustable water levels, different cycle options, and energy-efficient operation are available in many models.

The STW20D2P is one of several models that has a washing sink attachment. This uses a regular 120V electrical connection and commonly links to a conventional sink faucet. 

With a range of cycles, load sizes, and temperature settings to suit your laundry demands, it is straightforward to operate.

Well-known models:

Avanti FLD40V0W

Avanti STW20D2P

Avanti Dishwashers

18-to 24-inch dishwashers from Avanti are ideal for kitchens with limited space or situations where a gigantic dishwasher is problematic.

The DWF18V0W is a suitable option for your kitchen. It has three extra wash options (High Temp Wash, Sanitize, and Extra Dry) and a delayed start.

This dishwasher also has six automatic cycles; Regular, Automatic, Intensive, Delicate, Super, and Rinse, to do your job perfectly. 

Well-known models:

Avanti DWF18V0W

Avanti MCDW24SI

Avanti Oven

With their range of sizes, Avanti’s built-in ovens and countertops are ideal for kitchens with limited space or infrequent oven use.

You can fulfill your everyday cooking needs by baking, broiling, and toasting anything with the 0.7 cu. ft. Countertop Portable Oven

In addition, this compact oven has a range of temperature controls, an adjustable function control, an automatic shut-off feature, and a 60-minute kitchen timer.

Some models are:

Avanti 0.7 cu. ft. Countertop Portable Oven.

Avanti 1.4 cu. ft. Multi-Function Portable Oven

How Good Are Avanti Appliances?

Avanti concentrates on designing appliances that fit into small living areas. Their tiny dishwashers, refrigerators, and other appliances are frequently praised for their efficient use of space.

Let’s see how good the appliances from Avanti are:

Building and Material Quality 

High-grade steel, which has gained fame for its durability and resilience to wear and tear, is something Avanti attempts to use in its appliances, especially ranges and refrigerators. 

Concerns do, however, surface with certain models where cost and lightweight designs could potentially be in balance by using thinner gauge steel or even plastic.

It is worth noting that evaluations of the build quality present conflicting information. 

Given their affordable pricing and small size, some customers commend the Avanti appliances’ robustness and functionality. 

Some worry about certain models having dents, scratches, and early wear and tear.



Avanti’s products can be a great fit for customers with compact appliances because they provide the essential features required for regular cooking, laundry, and refrigeration. 

Essential features found in many Avanti models include basic baking settings in ovens, several cycle options in washing machines, and adjustable shelves in refrigerators. 

Avanti 9.2 cu. ft. Apartment Size Refrigerator is one of the examples. With a visible chiller and wire freezer drawer, movable and adjustable shelves, and storage for gallon bottles within the door, this counter-depth fridge has it all. 


Avanti appliances are less expensive than those from well-known brands, particularly more compact models. 

Avanti offers counter-depth refrigerators for about $829.99, while counter-depth refrigerators from well-known brands range from $1,921.99 to $3,499.00. 

Customer Satisfaction

Since user experiences differ, many people have good things to say about particular Avanti models.

They praise the effective cleaning of a washing machine, the quiet functioning of a refrigerator, or even cooking in a little oven. 

Users comment that the AR4456SS Compact Refrigerator functions flawlessly. The refrigerator has a temperature control that drops as low as 20F. It is very incredible in performance and operates silently. 

Avanti Appliances Price List

Here is the price list for various Avanti Appliances:

Avanti AppliancesPrice range
Avanti refrigerators$149.99 to $829.99
Avanti Ranges$569.99 to $1,259.99
Avanti Washing Machines$269.99 to $809.99
Avanti Dishwashers$449.99 to $529.99
Avanti Ovens$69.99 to $1,199.99
Avanti Appliances Price List

Who Makes Avanti Appliances – FAQs

Where are Avanti products manufactured?

Avanti is a Florida-based company that designs, produces, and sells compact appliances such as freezers, ranges, refrigerators, ice makers, water dispensers, laundry appliances, and microwave ovens.

What brand is Avanti?

For more than 44 years, Avanti has been a prominent manufacturer of compact appliances.

The company is known for offering premium goods at competitive prices.

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