Frigidaire is known as a brand that has had the least amount of service calls year after year. Consumers in the US will almost always go for these when buying under a tight budget.

Some common Frigidaire electric stove problems include not heating, stove element staying on, dead display, uneven heating, etc. The problems are not usually that serious or costly. Well, unless your stove is dead. 

Key Takeaway

Regular maintenance and cleaning can prevent common issues with Frigidaire electric stoves, such as clogged burners or dirty oven sensors.
If the heating elements are not working, check for signs of damage or corrosion and replace them if necessary to restore functionality.
Problems with temperature control or oven door sealing can often be resolved by recalibrating the thermostat or adjusting the door hinges for a proper fit.
When troubleshooting electronic display issues, try resetting the stove by unplugging it for a few minutes and then plugging it back in to see if the problem resolves.
Common Frigidaire Electric Stove Problems (Solutions Added!)
Common Frigidaire Electric Stove Problems (Solutions Added!)

Frigidaire Electric Stove Problems: How to FIX?

A lot of the problems in Frigidaire electric stoves are due to the control board. There are some other issues as well.

These are the most common Frigidaire electric stove problems right here:

Stove/Oven Doesn’t Heat

The most common issue with the Frigidaire stoves is when the control board makes a ticking noise but the stove or oven does not heat up.

That is a major sign that the control board has gone bad. It can be due to burnt relay chips or heat damage to other parts of the board.


The easiest way is to repair the board if the relay chips are damaged. These only cost around $20. You will have to drop more than $500 if you want to replace the whole board. 

You will need these tools:

  • Desoldering Iron with Vacuum pump
  • A wire brush
  • Weller Soldering Iron
  • Replacement Relay (Be sure to get the right one for your board)

Follow these steps to replace the relays:

  1. Identify and desolder all the points on the relay connecting them to the board.
  2. Use a wire brush to clean up any black spots that have oxidized.
  3. Slot the new relay into the board. Use some masking tape to hold it against the board.
  4. Solder the new relay into position and attach it using the soldering gun. Watch this video as a quick guide to soldering.

Take images of where all the wires go before pulling out the control board. After you are done attaching the new relay chips, install the board into position and tighten up the screws.

Check whether that solves the issue. The stove should be heating up again and you are good to go.

Uneven Cooking

After warming up your food, you may find it cold in certain spots. This happens when the stove does not preheat properly.

Due to that the food warms up unevenly. Some of it will be warm and other parts of it will remain cold.


Any heating-related issue is related to the control board one way or another. Open the back enclosure up and try to diagnose any heat damage on the board itself. 

This often happens because of bad communication errors between the control board and sensors.

A quick fix for it is to unplug the range stove and plug it back. If that doesn’t resolve the issue the only other way is to call service and get the sensors replaced.

Dead Display

The display is attached to the control board. If the display does not work or stays blank but the stove or oven is working it is usually because the communication relays are damaged.

It can also happen because of shorts inside the wires and continuity issues with the control board itself. 


Frigidaire suggests unplugging the machine from the power outlet and plugging it back in to see if that fixes the display before replacing any of the parts.

You should hire a professional to get the control board replaced so you don’t have to deal with it yourself. If the control board is the culprit, keep the display panel and put it on the new board.

These panels will cost you more than $150 so don’t lose it. You can detach and reuse it with the new board.

One or Multiple Burner Not Working

These electric stoves usually have two to four burners on top. If one or multiple burners stop working it’s usually a connection issue.

The wires connecting to the burner range are either dislocated or not pushed in properly. Sometimes the female ‘Spade Connectors’ get burnt due to voltage fluctuations as well. This is what it looks like:

Multiple Burner
Multiple Burner


If you encounter this problem check the digital display for a code that says “E022” like this:


If the display is throwing up this code, you should immediately turn off the burners until the issue is resolved.

In serious cases, the plastic cover on the plugs gets melted and it becomes a fire hazard. Replace the connecting wires as soon as possible to get rid of the issue.

Stove Element Won’t Shut off

This is another common issue with the Frigidaire electric stoves where the burner element does not want to turn off.

These electric stoves/ovens have a small round thermal fuse. This fuse is a safety device that shuts off the power to the element when it goes over the rated temperature.

The fuse looks like this:

If the fuse is short it doesn’t turn the range off and the elements keep heating up until you unplug the machine.


You need to open up the back cover of the oven to access the thermal fuse. Look for burns or bent lines.

If the issue is with the fuse, you can easily replace it. Watch this video on how to replace the thermal fuse. Frigidaire sells these thermal fuses on their website. Check listings here.

Stove Switch Sparking

Electric stove switch sparking is not a common issue. But like other appliances, you may end up having to deal with it.

This is caused by the surface element switch malfunctioning. The switch is responsible for controlling the burner and ensuring the element heats up. These switches cost around $30-$40.


You will need to replace the switch. You can buy the switch from here.

The installation process is very easy. The specific model does not matter. These switches are placed in the same spot across all Frigidaire electric stoves.

You can follow this video to get a general idea of how to replace the surface element switch.

Safety Lock on Frigidaire Electric Stoves

This is not an issue but something to keep in mind if your range does not start at all. Most Frigidaire electric stoves come with a safety lock button for child safety. 

There should be an indicator on the display that says “Door Locked”. And a corresponding light right next to it.

If the light is on or blinking it means the safety lock is activated. The display will also say “lock” when it is on.

Before trying to diagnose or open up the stove because it isn’t working, check if the safety lock is on and turn it off.

Tap and hold this button for 6 seconds until the light disappears:

That should unlock the door and you will be able to use your stove again if there isn’t any other issue.

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Frigidaire Electric Stove Problems – (FAQs)

Is Frigidaire high quality?

Absolutely. Frigidaire’s specialty is high-quality, efficient appliances that come at affordable prices.

Are Frigidaire electric stoves repairable?

Yes, these ovens and stoves are generally easy to repair. The problems with these stoves aren’t fatal and you will probably be able to get it fixed right away.

Is Frigidaire made in the USA?

All their appliances are made in the USA. In addition to range stoves, Frigidaire also offers fridges and other household appliances.

What can damage my Frigidaire Electric Stove?

Use coarse sponges to clean the glass top while it is hot or slide heavy cookware across the surface of the stove.

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