Kenmore ovens are manufactured by various appliance companies, including Whirlpool, LG, and Electrolux, under the Kenmore brand name.

Kenmore, a well-known appliance brand, collaborates with different manufacturers to produce its line of ovens.

Companies such as Whirlpool, LG, and Electrolux are among those involved in the production of Kenmore ovens.

Each manufacturer brings its expertise and innovation to the design and manufacturing process, contributing to the diverse range of Kenmore oven models available in the market.

Despite being made by different companies, Kenmore ovens maintain consistent quality standards and performance, reflecting the brand’s reputation for reliability and durability.

Key Takeaway

  • Collaboration with multiple manufacturers: Kenmore partners with various appliance companies like Whirlpool, LG, and Electrolux to produce its range of ovens.
  • Diverse expertise: Each manufacturer brings its unique expertise and innovation to the design and production of Kenmore ovens, contributing to a diverse product lineup.
  • Consistent quality standards: Despite being made by different companies; Kenmore ovens maintain consistent quality standards and performance levels.
  • Brand reputation: Kenmore has built a reputation for reliability and durability, making its ovens a popular choice among consumers seeking high-quality appliances.
Who Makes Kenmore Ovens

Kenmore is a reputable and well-known brand of kitchen appliances. Kenmore is the brand that many homeowners trust for all of their cooking needs, even ovens. But have you ever wondered who manufactures Kenmore ovens? 

This in-depth article will inform you about the history of Kenmore ovens and the manufacturers of this well-known brand. Also, don’t forget to read the article to learn about Kenmore’s ranges.

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About the Manufacturer: Who Makes Kenmore Ovens

The American brand Kenmore, which sells cookware, ovens, and other household appliances, belongs to and is licensed by Transformco, a division of ESL Investments. 

Kenmore started its journey in 1913 by manufacturing a four-drawer drop-feed sewing machine. After that, they didn’t stop making household appliances with good qualities. 

Whirlpool Corporation is one of the main producers of Kenmore ovens. Whirlpool, which has been producing Kenmore products since the brand’s founding, and Kenmore have a long-standing relationship.

Among the top appliance producers, Whirlpool is renowned for its dedication to both innovation and quality.

Along with Kenmore, LG Electronics also manufactures ovens. Kenmore may benefit greatly from LG’s partnership because of its reputation for cutting-edge technology and creative design. 

Samsung and Frigidaire’s contributions also enable Kenmore to provide customers with an extensive selection of fashionable and useful ovens. Refrigerator and Samsung.

Where Are Kenmore Ovens Made?

The home appliance brand Kenmore is available on Amazon as well as at Sears and K-Mart. But this company has never produced a household product. Rather, the company collaborates with other producers to create household appliance designs, which are then manufactured especially for Kenmore. 

What Types of Ovens Does Kenmore Have?

The precise baking, roasting, and broiling capabilities of the Kenmore ovens enable you to do everything from cooking Thanksgiving dinner to keeping a stack of pizzas warm. 

Let’s see the different ranges of Kenmore Ovens:

Kenmore 40543 24″ Self-Cleaning Electric Wall Oven- Stainless Steel

You can cook at the precise temperatures required to prepare all of your favorite foods with the Kenmore 40543 24″ Self-Cleaning Electric Wall Oven. It creates racks in the handle design, which makes it easier for you to take dishes out. You can prepare dinners, sides, and appetizers all at once because of the large 3.3 cu. ft. capacity.

Kenmore 40539 24″ Electric Wall Oven – Black

You can precisely bake, roast, and broil with the Kenmore 40539 24″  electric wall oven. You can prepare all of your favorite foods by cooking at the precise temperatures required.

Additionally, this oven features simple controls that make it easy to heat, preheat, and keep an eye on food. You can remove dishes more conveniently with handle-style racks. With its spacious 3.3 cubic feet of capacity, you can cook appetizers, sides, and entrees all at once.

Kenmore 40542 24″ Self-Cleaning Electric Wall Oven-White

You can cook many dishes at once with the 3.3 cu. ft. Kenmore 40542 24″ Self-Cleaning Electric Wall Oven – White, which has two oven racks and five rack configurations.

Its digital display’s Easy Set 355 electrical controls allow you to cook at exact temperatures.

Kenmore 40549 24″ Self-Cleaning Electric Wall Oven – Black

The Kenmore 40549 24″ Self-Cleaning Electric Wall Oven – Black’s extra-large viewing windows allow you to examine baked products without opening the oven, which helps maintain constant oven temperatures. 

This oven’s self-cleaning feature uses high temperatures to effectively remove spills, dirt, and soot without the need for manual cleaning.

Kenmore 97723 Double-Electric Oven 

Whether it’s boiling water quickly or roasting a delicious chicken, the stylish Kenmore Elite 97723 electric double oven prepares food excellently. Lots of food gets baked at once since there is enough space in the two ovens.

The two 3.6-cubic-foot capacity ovens on the 97723 are essentially the same. For better heat circulation, Kenmore has a genuine convection cooking option that combines a fan and heating element located at the back.

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How Good Are Kenmore Ovens?

Kenmore has been acknowledged as one of the leading appliance brands for a century. Its appliances offer exceptional performance, time efficiency, and comfort. That shows us how fantastic the potential Kenmore ovens could be!

Let’s find out why you should choose Kenmore ovens:

Advanced Features and Technology

Modern features and technology are available in Kenmore ovens to improve your cooking experience. Kenmore ovens accommodate a variety of cooking functions, including steam cleaning, air frying, and convection cooking. 

These cutting-edge innovations improve both the efficiency and enjoyment of cooking.


Ovens from Kenmore have become famous for their durability and dependability. They have a longer guarantee period than other manufacturers and are less prone to malfunction.

Also, Kenmore ovens are long-lasting. They are strong enough to endure frequent usage and are constructed from premium materials.

Various Options

A wide variety of choices are available for Kenmore ovens to suit your budget and culinary requirements.

Kenmore ovens that are perfect for baking and grilling and that consistently distribute heat. Kenmore has wall ovens, double ovens, and single ovens, among other electric oven choices.

These ovens provide accurate temperature control and energy economy by directly heating cookware using electromagnetic energy. Wall ovens are the main product line available from Kenmore induction appliances.


Kenmore ovens are not only functionally sound but also aesthetically beautiful. Understanding the value of a well-designed kitchen, Kenmore’s makers work hard to provide ovens that complement any style of kitchen. 

Modern designs and smooth finishes give Kenmore ovens a refined look for your kitchen.

Kenmore Ovens Price List

Here is the price list for various Kenmore Ovens:

Kenmore Ovens
Price range
Kenmore 40543 24″ Self-Cleaning Electric Wall OvenAround $1,000 to $3,000
Kenmore 40539 24″  electric wall ovenNot available
Kenmore 40542 24″ Self-Cleaning Electric Wall Oven – WhiteAround $3000.
Kenmore 40549 24″ Self-Cleaning Electric Wall Oven – Black$1,000 to $3,000
Kenmore Elite 97723 electric double oven$2,599.99

Who Makes Kenmore Ovens- FAQs

Who manufactures Kenmore ovens?

Kenmore ovens are manufactured for and sold exclusively by Sears Holdings Corporation. However, the actual production and manufacturing of Kenmore appliances are handled by various third-party manufacturers, including LG and Samsung.

Are Kenmore ovens reliable?

Kenmore ovens have varied reliability based on the specific model and manufacturing year. They generally offer a range of features and price points, but the reliability can depend on the manufacturer and the individual oven model.

Are Kenmore ovens easy to repair or service?

Repair and serviceability can vary based on the model and the availability of service centers in your area. But so far Kenmore’s market policy is good and reliable.

Are Kenmore ovens energy-efficient?

Kenmore offers a range of ovens with varying energy efficiency levels. Look for specific models with Energy Star ratings or energy-saving features for enhanced efficiency.


Understanding the collaboration between Kenmore and various manufacturers sheds light on the diversity and quality of Kenmore ovens available in the market.

Whether produced by Whirlpool, LG, Electrolux, or other partners, Kenmore ovens offer consumers a wide range of options to suit their cooking needs.

The consistent quality standards maintained across different models reflect Kenmore’s commitment to delivering reliable and durable appliances.

As consumers explore the world of Kenmore ovens, they can have confidence in the brand’s reputation for excellence and innovation.

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