Is your electric stove suddenly displaying “PF” on the screen? If you are experiencing this for the first time, you must be wondering what PF means.

Key Takeaway

“PF” on a stove stands for “Power Failure.”
It indicates that the stove has lost power and needs to be reset.
Reset the stove by turning off and then back on.
Check for any tripped circuit breakers or power outages.

The PF is an error code that stands for “power failure.” It means that your stove is experiencing a temporary loss of power or not receiving enough power to work properly.

Continue reading this complete guide to find the full details of what the PF code means, why this error appears, and how to fix it!

What Does PF Mean On A Stove? 

All electric stoves are equipped with a built-in mechanism that detects any power failures or outages and displays the “PF” code to alert the users. 

This means that one or multiple internal components of your electric stove are not receiving the required power to perform certain features, such as powering the heating elements or setting up the timer/clock.

When you see this error on your stove’s display, you may also face one or more of the following scenarios:

  • May or may not be able to use the range,
  • May be unable to use the oven.
  • May not be able to get any response from your stove as you press any of the buttons or keys on the panel.

What Triggers the Code PF On A Stove?

Here are the most potential causes that can trigger this error code:

  • Faulty or loose wiring and improper installation can disrupt the flow of electricity and prompt the stove to display the PF code.
  • The circuit breaker could have been shut off and turned back on or your range may have been removed and re-plugged back.
  • A blown thermal fuse or damaged power cord can also be the source of the PF error on your stove.
  • If you have chosen “Cooking” mode when the oven temperature is too high on your dual-fuel range, this can also trigger this error.
  • If the control board or keypad on your stove is damaged due to power failure, it can potentially trigger the PF code.
  • Sometimes your stove may display other error codes like F1 F2 due to other issues and may end up only displaying PF code.

Can You Fix The PF Code On A Stove?

If your stove is showing the PF code on its display, you can try these below techniques to fix it:

1. Resetting Your Electric Stove:

In most cases, resetting the stove automatically clears any temporary error code including PF. 

If you own a Subzero-Wolf stove, try the following steps to reset and clear the code:

  • Switch the stove selector bezel to “Cooking” mode and turn it back to “OFF” to reset.
  • Open your oven door and keep it like that for a while to cool the oven’s cavity temperature.
  • Turn “Off” your home circuit breaker for 30 seconds, then turn it back “On.” Now check the unit operation. 

If it is a GE stove, you can clear the error code by 

  • Clicking or tapping the “Cancel” or “Stop” button on your stove Keypad. 
  • If that doesn’t work, turn off the breaker and wait for at least 5 minutes 
  • Turn it back on and touch the “cancel” button again.

If you have a Whirlpool electric range or stove, tap on “Cancel” or “Clear” to reset and clear the code.

If it doesn’t work, shut “OFF” the Range circuit breaker for at least 10 minutes and press it HARD off to reset it.

2. Inspect the Power Supply and Power Cord:

If the problem persists even after you’ve reset your stove and circuit breaker, verify whether your stove is the only appliance that is affected or other electronic appliances are also affected

If the issue is persistent with only your stove, it is likely not a general power outage

In that case, check if the power cord is securely plugged into the main electrical outlet. 

Sometimes, due to movement or accidental tripping, the power cord may get partially unplugged/loose from the main outlet, or completely disconnected

Thus, push the plug firmly into the outlet to ensure a proper connection. 

Also, make sure that the power cord isn’t worn or damaged due to internal short circuits or voltage fluctuation. Otherwise, you must replace the power cord before reconnecting it firmly.

3. Examine and Replace the Stove’s Thermal fuse:

Sudden electrical surges or high temperatures can short out or blow up your stove’s thermal fuse and trigger the PF error. 

Follow these steps to inspect and replace the thermal fuse on your stove top

  • Make sure your stove is unplugged from the power outlet or you’ve turned off the circuit breakers to the stove.
  • Remove all the screws that are holding the backside plate of the stove’s top panel to get access. 
  • Once all the screws are out, lift the backside panel off.
  • This is the thermal fuse. Now disconnect those two wires and unscrew the Philip screw that was holding the fuse in place. 
  • Install the new one with the screw and attach the wires. Make sure you’re connecting the right wire to the right port.
  • Put the backside plate back in and secure it with screws. Check if the error is fixed now.

4. Clean The Control Board on Your Stove:

If the thermal fuse is fine and you’re still experiencing the “Power Failure” error on your stove, cleaning your stove’s control board may help you fix the issue.

Therefore, clean up the control board by following the below instructions:

  • Remove the top panel’s backside plate by taking off the screws.
  • Locate the control board and take off its mounting screws.
  • Pull out your stove’s control board and there is no need to disconnect the wires
  • Examine the backside of the control panel and look for any spots or discoloration on it. 
  • If it looks bad as suspected, use rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs to clean the backside thoroughly.
  • Wait a couple of minutes so that the backside of the control board can dry out properly. 

Reinstall or re-insert everything in place securely and turn on the power to verify if the error comes on again.

5. Look for Professional Help:

If the error remains, there’s a high chance that you have a damaged control board that needs to be replaced as soon as possible. In that case, you should ask for professional assistance.

What Does Pf Mean On A Stove – FAQs:

What does PF stand for on my gas stove?

The “PF” stands for “Power Failure” on your gas stove. This alerts the users that either the stove has just been plugged in or the electricity supply in their home was briefly disrupted due to a power outage.

How serious is “PF” on A stove?

It is not a serious issue, but it can be quite inconvenient. If you are encountering this problem, it is recommended that you reset the circuit breaker or get expert help.

Can I still use my stove when it shows PF?

You should not use your stove until the power has been restored and the PF code has been removed. Wait until the PF code has been cleared before using the stove to avoid damage to the appliance or other safety issues.

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